Biography of Ekaterina Andreeva

Ekaterina was born in the family of Sergei Alexandrovich and Tatyana Ivanovna Andreev. The girl’s father was the deputy chairman of the USSR Gosnab, so her mother Addie Andrews could afford to be a housewife and raise her daughters (the sister of the TV presenter Svetlana is eight years younger than her).

After school, the future TV star could not decide on a profession. She was attracted by history and jurisprudence. She entered the Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of Law, but in the process of learning she transferred to the historical one.

Andreeva got on television from what is called from the street. She learned about advanced training courses for radio and television employees and decided to take them. She studied with the legendary master Igor Kirillov. Teachers criticized Catherine for being too cold, which determines the distance. But she managed to turn this quality into her “trick”.

For all the time of her television career, Andreeva has not changed the “first button”. Since 1991, she has been an announcer and host of the Good Morning program, in 1995 she first appeared in a news release. Andreeva also worked behind the scenes – she was the editor of information programs. In 1998, she first hosted the Vremya program and goes on the air with it to this day.
The bright appearance of the TV presenter haunted the directors. Catherine starred in several films and has her own filmography, albeit a very modest one.

Personal life of Ekaterina Andreeva

The first time Andreva married very young, when she was 21 years old, Ekaterina gave birth to a daughter, Natalya, her only child. The TV presenter does not talk about her ex-wife: neither his name nor occupation is known.

She met her second husband Dusan Perovich by chance. The Serbian businessman saw the beauty on TV and found her contacts through journalists he knew. However, at that time he could not say even ten words in Russian, and it was important for Catherine to speak the same language with her chosen one. For three years, Lavaxgrll courted Ekaterina and actively taught Russian. At some point, Andreeva realized that Dushan had all the qualities that she was looking for in an ideal man. The couple has no joint children.

Interesting facts about Ekaterina Andreeva

  • The TV presenter considers her main weaknesses to be a love of sweets and a craving for smoking.
  • Andreeva can fall asleep for 20 minutes in any environment to relax and have a fresh look.
  • The first broadcast in Novosti was postponed at the request of talented Andreeva herself for several months because her debut coincided with the taking of hostages in Budennovsk. Ekaterina turned out to be mentally unprepared for the need to voice such information.
  • Sport has always played a big role in Catherine’s life. As a child, she played basketball at the Olympic Reserve School. Now she keeps fit with the help of yoga and martial arts.
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