In recent years Lauren Brovarnik has been a 90-day bride because of her honesty. The American reality TV star has always given fans an honest insight into his life and has shared many intimate moments with them in their social media reports. Lauren and her husband, Alexei, are also fans of Pillow Talk because of their unique chemistry in the series. The popular couple had a son, Shai, in April. However, Lauren has told her admirers that she suffers from postnatal depression after the birth of a son, and recently she went to Instagram to talk to her admirers about her progress in overcoming her mental state.

Lauren shows that she feels depressed.

An American reality TV star told us she’s been struggling with postpartum depression for the past six and a half months. Unfortunately, Lauren told her fans that her recovery had failed. Despite her best efforts to overcome depression, Lauren admitted that she is currently in recession, but added that she has learned to deal with the negatives: I’ve had my ups and downs (I have a fall now), but I’m fine and I’m announcing my trip! I learn that nothing is right or wrong, and that what works for me is all that matters to me. I do it on my own time.

The star of the 90-day bride said she would make the trip and concentrate only on what suits her best.

When Lauren ended her term at Instagram, she urged her disciples to love themselves.

fans came together to motivate Lauren and encourage her to be proud of her progress

The audience of the 90-day bride congratulated Lauren on talking about her struggle with postpartum depression. Admirers found that the American star showed great courage in reporting their negative impressions during leisure travel.

Lauren’s disciples tried to motivate her by pointing out that she looked great in the Instagram photo she published. The 32-year-old reality star wore trendy orange pants and a blue top. Supporters of her settlement felt she had lost a lot of weight after her pregnancy and asked her to be proud of the progress she had made in overcoming postpartum depression and body dysmorphism.

Every Monday, fans can join Pillow Talk to see Lauren and Alexey talk about what happened in other 90-day shows about the fiancées. A couple often portrays their son Shai in their performances. Many viewers congratulated Alexei on offering support to Lauren to overcome her postpartum depression. The couple is also active in social networks and regularly publishes pictures of their son.

In a recent question and answer session at Instagram, Lauren said she would like to do her own 90-day show with her husband. An American reality TV star said she always felt better after sharing the events of her life with her fans. The recent positive response to her latest post on Instagram shows that many fans are worried about Lauren and help her overcome her current post-partum failure.

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