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What do the stars have in store for you today?

Our daily horoscope will prepare you for each day, every day.

Aquarius, take time today to relax and be creative – it’s not just about being productive.

If you are a Pisces, you need to use bold and direct energy today.

Read your zodiac sign prediction below.

What is your sign?

  • Aries: 21. March – 20. April
  • Bull: From 21 April to 21 May
  • Gemini: 22. May-June 21
  • Cancer: 22. June to the 23rd. July
  • Leo: 24. July – 23. August
  • Virgo: 24. August – 23. September
  • Scales: From 24 September to 23 October
  • Scorpio: 24. October to the 22nd. November
  • Sagittarius: 23. November to the 21st. December
  • Capricorn: 22. December to the 21st. January
  • Aquarius: 22. From January to the 19th. February
  • Fish: 20. February – 20. Mars

For a prediction of your zodiac sign, call ……

  • Aries: 0906 474 0410
  • Bull: 0906 474 0411
  • Twins: 0906 474 0412
  • Cancer: 0906 474 0413
  • Leo: 0906 474 0414
  • Virgo: 0906 474 0415
  • Ladders: 0906 474 0416
  • Scorpio: 0906 474 0417
  • Sagittarius: 0906 474 0418
  • Capricorn: 0906 474 0419
  • Aquarius: 0906 474 0420
  • Fish: 0906 474 0421

Calls cost 60p a minute.


Whether you are spending money for yourself or for others, money can slip through your fingers.

If you feel like pampering yourself, do something that feels good, like a relaxing massage.


It can feel like an energy force. In comparison, other people in your life may seem uninterested, which can be embarrassing for you. Remember, they may find you agitated.


Some things can remain a mystery if you don’t take the time to dig deep and find out what’s really going on.

Because Mars moves in a remote area, this may be a good time to think about misunderstood issues.


The Sun in Pisces can encourage you to be kind and compassionate, which can conflict with a more professional approach to life and relationships.

You have to find a middle ground if you want to get anywhere.


The Venus-Mars connection suggests an animated encounter that could be memorable for several reasons.

Maybe there’s something fascinating about that man. Look inside and you’ll see the value immediately.


Your head may only want one thing, to go to work and do as much as possible – and if others can do the same, so much the better.

Your heart can dream of expeditions and new discoveries.


You may feel frustrated about a communication that has been interrupted for a period of time. This could now lead to a further escalation of tensions.

If someone doesn’t want to get involved in a project, it’s probably best to back off.


Someone may find you attractive, but do you feel the same way about them?

There is a dream quality in relationships that can make someone attractive. But what do they really think of you?

Magnetic switch

The desire to get in shape can contrast with the desire to go with the flow and relax.

If you let yourself get caught, you may feel guilty about any indulgence or missed training.

This is a good time to invite your partner to a guest project.

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As for the new project, on the one hand you can be open and willing to be noticed, on the other hand you can use your charm to attract these golden opportunities. You can experience the mix as both seductive and dynamic.


You may be mostly preoccupied with bold ideas, but today’s quarter moon encourages you to think about your free time.

If you like being outside, painting or doing anything else, you can do that to give yourself a boost of positive energy.


You can be more direct than usual. But if someone desperately needs help, you’ll probably rush to help them.

Don’t feel like you have to give up everything to help someone else, especially if they can help themselves.

Everything you need to know about your zodiac sign.

If you want to know the dates, characteristics and compatibility of the zodiac signs – and also some famous people who fall under this zodiac sign – we have an overview of each of them. Look at them:

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frequently asked questions

What is your horoscope for February 19?

Like the fish that were on the 19th. If you were born in February, your personality is characterized by a selfless, intuitive and romantic nature. When it comes to your loved ones, you can’t miss much. Your friends and family will always remember that you put their interests and well-being far above your own.

Which zodiac signs will shine in 2020?


Which zodiac signs are getting richer?

Aries is the sign most likely to get rich, because he knows how to kick ass to get money. You could put Ram at the helm of Silicon Valley’s hottest new startup or start a successful blog you love.

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