SYFY’s animal world was delightful and showed what happens when animals in a zoo try to live their lives in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The answer is a hilarious mess that turns out to be, and anchors it in the cast of eccentric characters – Glenn, a cheetah who is actually trying to live his life as a pacifist, trying to take care of his girlfriend Marnie, although survival remains in the way of both goals. had the opportunity to talk to actor Glenn John Reynolds as the grand finale of the season approaches (which is only available in the video above), and we began to find out what he thinks best about what brings the series to the table.

What I like most about the show is probably not only my character, but also the actors. I’m a big fan of Claudia O’Doherty, who plays the part of Marnie, the dolphin I’m in love with, Reynolds said. I’ve seen Natalie Palamides’ show, and she’s so funny, and I’ve seen Reggie, and I’ve seen Baron and Skittles. I think I just saw the whole cast. I think it was a big draw when they said Oh, it’s voices. Like, oh, then it’s gonna be a super fun show. And of course I like the lo-fi aspects of the animation and sound, and I like the color palette. I don’t know, it was really cool, and I’m so happy to see all the episodes air.

Glenn’s theme throughout the season is the balance between his pacifist ideals and his pristine nature. Although he feels quite sophisticated, it quickly goes crazy when unspoilt nature takes over.

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Yeah, I think Glenn’s a real gamble, don’t you? He romanticized everything in his life, including social customs, taste for art and others. I think he wants to be a more sophisticated person, but he’s a cheetah, and he still has that primitive desire, Reynolds said. I think pushing, pulling, and that tension is something really fun. So one minute I’m pretending to be a good boy and drinking tea, and the next minute I’m just screaming and growling and crying. It was fun, but it was also crazy, because with COVID and everything we recorded at home, I feel like a psychopath screaming and making these sounds in my closet.

The pandemic required everyone to record their dialogue remotely, although Reynolds took advantage of the extra freedom not to record for a group of people in the studio.

When you’re at the booth, people look at you and so on, and there’s always that element of performance, but if you do it from your computer in your own closet, I like to turn the video off, and then no one’s watching me, so I can let my inhibitions go a little more and get a little crazy, Reynolds said. Actually, it was nice to do it this way.

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Glene is often busy talking to Marnie, the dolphin he loves, but always nervous. Yes, evolution is usually just a hopelessly romantic Glenn missing it from beginning to end, and Marnie goes through her life and becomes real herself, and Glenn just goes too far and tries to control her, Reynolds said.

When Glenn’s not talking to Marnie, you’ll often find him at Darby’s, always a cold koala trying to reveal Glenn’s cheetah aspects if he can.

Yeah, I think Derby’s just Mr. He’s a bit of an adventurer, and I think he’s pushing Glenn a bit out of his skin and making him a bit more primitive, Reynolds said. I think people are less inclined to believe that Glenn is an extremely sensitive person who is trying to change himself for the better, but I think all the other characters just want him to be Glenn.

Glenn interacts with Darby and Marnie quite often, but if there’s a second season, there’s another character that Glenn would like to see bouncing back more.

I don’t know if I’ve had many opportunities to talk, but it’s clearly a lot of fun when my character of Debbie, the Skittlez character, bounces because I think the Skittlez character is just the most confident and easiest to communicate, and Glenn is so hurt that it’s always fun to play, Reynolds said. Someone who will get Glenn, and someone who will push the boundaries very far. I think the tension’s still high.

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We then asked if Glenn could be included in another show, what it would be and why, and we think this couple is perfect.

That’s a good joke. I think I’d put Glenn in Frasier. So he can really feel his mark and have a good time with Frasier, learn from him and just enjoy the chic conversation in Seattle, Reynolds said.

Seriously, get that couple off the floor as fast as you can!

Pending the second season and the couple Glenn Fraser you can watch the finals of the first season of Wild Life at midnight tonight on SYFY and tell us in the commentary what you like most about the show!

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