Get up, DOTA fans! Instead of moping about the cancellation of International 2020 and spending the whole day with Diretide, fans can now get a breath of fresh air thanks to the latest major update of DOTA 2. Mistwoods has officially, with a new hero, a new set of items and many surprises that will turn any rated game into a Jump Scare. We will always be surprised when Monkey King, Dark Willow and Grimstroke make their debut in a commercial game on their first release. Will it be the same with the new hero?

This is what you need to know about modernising Mistwoods.


It lives up to its name, because the new entry in the DOTA 2 hero pool will surely fool you. His fluffy features may look like a pet, but Hoodwink can be a thorn in your side of the bar fight. Like most newcomers in the DOTA 2 scene, they expect their skills to surprise you in many ways.

Your first skill bounces off a projectile from multiple targets and causes additional damage. She can also summon a tree to make a move in combination with her second skill of wrapping targets around the tree. His third possibility, increases his speed of travel near trees and ignores collisions with the terrain. The final functions are similar to those of a sniper, but require extreme precision from the player.

Given its presence in the area with its secondary capacity and its ability to potentially dominate in 1-on-1 situations, Hudwink will certainly be an asset on the central carriageway. Due to its speed and second capacity, it can also be used as a roaming medium.

Could she be a carrier, like the Drow Ranger? Try and hope your teammates don’t burn you out for a misunderstanding. It can be devastating, especially when associated with Abaddon. However, this decision needs to be watched closely as Drow can silence his opponents and still keep his distance, while Hoodwink can be an easy prey even if he runs away.


If by purchasing the Aganim Sceptre you want to wash dishes within an hour, you can find an alternative. Aganim shards are cheaper and give your hero a permanent ability. You have to wait 20 minutes, although you have to buy and the capacities of his scepter counterpart are very different. For example, while raising the scepter allows Sven to throw his storm hammer, raising the scepter allows him to expel the targets.

This last addition could help players to acquire new skills without having to steal their brains and invest a large amount of money in a sceptre. It might even give them an extra effect in team battles. If a Light Keeper needs a Scepter to change the scale of team battles en masse, his Shard can enable him to do the same, just as he can heal his teammates.

But the newest element can also be used by big players who want to do more damage. Huskar’s internal fire reduces regeneration when equipped with a shard, making it more destructive in 1-v-1 situations.


As with any DOTA patch update, there will always be heroes who need to take an overdose of steroids and others who need to get vitamin C instead. Here are some important changes that have taken place.


You can now remove the goose bumps from your skin with the extra damage of your acid spray, but the gold accumulation is reduced. The scepter changes offer a unique novelty, because teammates who already have a scepter can now get extra gold if the alchemist gives them an extra scepter. It’s a great way to help or support your kernel in acquiring key elements that will make a difference.

Even more attractive are the full status bonuses that teammates get when the alchemist gives them the sceptre. Opponents are forced to shorten the game because the current changes have increased the presence of the Alchemist in DOTA at the end of the game.


Brewmaster users can now party because the hero is harder to kill. Not only can he increase his chances of dodging attacks with the Active Drunken Fighter skill, but his HP, armor, and resistance to magic and status have increased for his Split Primal form. His Scepter upgrade will be annoying, as players can now cancel his Primal Split and return to the original Brewmaster with full power.

3.) IO

Core Io has a greater potential for impact due to the increased damage to the base and the mind. There is even the added bonus of improving spells when you use overload. His colleague who supported him, on the other hand, was a nerd because his therapeutic effect was fading. In the end it cooled down even more, further weakening the support function.

With these changes and Dominator updates, you could ease the pressure on Io’s spine with the Bristleback combo in tournaments or, even worse, in pubs.


The latest version of Keeper of the Light combines the old with the new. Instead of the Light of Sighs as the main target, the KOTL mind shape returns, giving the hero his ability to dazzle. Will-O-Wisp only occurs when KOTL players have a scepter upgrade. His will was a guts, because the characters are not stunned, but drawn in a certain direction. Heroes affected by Wisp can still provoke skills and attacks.

The new ability to fix the sun reduces resistance to magic and makes KOTL one of the first games to be defeated.


In addition to the change of name, Outworld Destroyer is now a Nuker target due to changes in the Astral prison. This is no longer surface damage, but rather an increase in the damage and range of a single target. The damage caused by his health eclipse has a fan. Her global changes weaken her presence in team battles because she is no longer able to eliminate entire groups of enemies, but she can be effective on her own and, for example, eliminate isolated threats on a larger scale. B. Sniper or Snapfire.


Abaddon’s Core may now be a more viable option, given the early appearance of his damage talent and the ability of the Shard to apply the curse of Avern when using the Fog Serpentine and Aphrodisiac Shield.

Arc Warden becomes an intimidating presence at the end of the match thanks to his double duration of Tempest +12s at level 25. The improvement of his Scepter and Shard can be intimidating, because his Sparks can now generate new Wraith, keep his Magnetic Field enemies away and offer +20% magical resistance to allies. His role in the middle of the game could be hampered by his declining talent.

Dark Willow’s ability to control the crowd is further enhanced by the greater reach of his Cursed Crown and Bramble Maze. His talents reveal a weakened cold on his shadowy empire and his labyrinth of blackberries.

Tinker Bell can now deliver the benefits of the Shard, as it can launch a protection matrix that allows the target to absorb 200 damages. The target hero also gains 40% status resistance.

Players who hesitated to use the Wizard because of his vulnerability when casting spells can now relax, because his Shard ability allows him to transform into the God of Death. At this point, he becomes invulnerable.

Invoker’s ice wall can now be a targeted spell if it’s equipped with an Aganim shard, making everyone feel good in DOTA.


Valve has revealed new additions to the game that offer a twist to DOTA 2.


A good starting point for any provider of additional health damage, mana regeneration and damage. It offers a cheap alternative for heroes looking for a place to farm.


If you suffer from the power of Zeus Nimbus or Treant Protector, this thing could ruin your day. This allows the player to cling to the targets and launch a chain lightning attack.


Wizards are wary because the name suggests what the consequences are. Each hero hit by the spell is weakened, and the swinger gets extra magical resistance.


Who invented it? This item creates a shield that absorbs much of the magical damage and converts it into mana. I wonder if this will work with Medusa?


Once you’ve bought the level 2 version of the Dominator, you can now order the Ancients to make your bid. You even get extra bonuses for statistics.


    • When you land on your target, the movement and attack speed of the surrounding enemies is reduced. They also cause damage equal to your profit. It’s an RKO out of nothing, especially in combination with the ECHO SLAMA JAMA from Earthshaker!
    • When you land at your destination, you benefit from extra speed. It means you can get past the heroes that stand in your way. They even get extra damage and a high attack speed. It’s time to call EXTREMELY MOPS! with your Windrunner kernel.
    • When you land at your destination, you will receive a 25% discount on the supercooling of the pouring point. They will surely create a barrage of enchantments for eternity.


One of the greatest demands of support players is the ability to launch a cyclone on their allies. With Wind Waker, your wishes will finally come true. You can even move a tornado if you throw a whirlwind at it.


Some neutral elements have been removed and replaced. The glory days of the Shield of the Poor Man and the Iron Heel are over. Planting mango trees is no longer an option. The changes are not limited to level 1 neutrals as they have been applied to all other levels.

Some iconic features of some elements have been removed. Satanic no longer offers status resistance and Heart of Tarrasque does not give you HP regeneration beyond the fight.

You’ll be surprised the games don’t start during the day, but at night.

It’s a whole new world in DOTA, but it’s about time.

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