It’s been a long time since the New York Knicks were relevant, and a Knicks fan must be pretty heavy now. But for the first time in a long time it seems that at the end of the tunnel there is a kind of light for the once great franchise.

The Knicks are coming off their best off-season in years. And although they didn’t get a superstar through a free trade or agency – again they put together a team that could at least try to make a play-off at the Eastern Conference.

With Tom Tibodo at the helm and their newcomer Obi Toppin ready to storm Madison Square Garden, maybe we’ll just sleep on napkins. That’s why we inform you today about their starting line-up for the 2020-21 season.

The bank: Austin Rivers, Frank Ntilikina, Dennis Smith, Jr., Immanuel Quickly, Alec Burkes, Miles Powell, Andrew White, Reggie Bullock, Ignas Brasdakis, Obi Toppin, Rock Labissier, Michael Kidd-Gilkrist, Nerlens Noel, Omarie Spellman.

Protectors: Elfred Peyton

Believe it or not, Elfred Peyton now appears to be Tom Tibando’s safest bet on a captain. He is a reliable defender and playmaker and can bring more balance to the team than Frank Ntilikina (top defender, worst scorer and playmaker) or Dennis Smith, Jr.

Peyton couldn’t stand the hype around him when he played in the Rondo district for the second time, but he’s still an above-average defender who knows how to get the ball to his teammates when and where they need it, so for now it’s up to him to lose.

Gunner: RJ Barrett (through soup and toast)

Since playing for Duke Blue Devils, RJ Barrett has received mixed reviews. It is clear that the athletics and talent is there, and he may be one of the most dominant strikers in the competition, but the choice of shots is worrying.

Barrett occasionally showed a touch of greatness during his newcomer season. Maybe we just sleep on it because of the struggle of the Knicks in general, but there is a strong belief within the organization that it is their biggest building block right now.

Middle front: Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox made a comparison with Paul George when he joined the competition. It goes without saying that he is far below that expectation and some even wonder if he will play in the NBA in a few years time, so he puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

Knox has the physical requirements to become the dominant player in two-way traffic, but next season he will have to take a big step forward. He’s been ineffective as a bomber and inconsistent in defense, but he’s still young enough, so let’s give him another chance.

Propulsive power: Julius Randle (via

Julius Randle is one of the most polarizing players in the league. No one can doubt his dynamism, courage, effort and endurance, but he is one-dimensional and predictable and has not yet improved in the areas where Scouts and Guides played in college.

Randle is explosive, strong and athletic. He’s a solid offensive rebounder and he’s very good with the ball. Once again, the Knicks are simply useless to him and must ensure that he brings Obi Toppin to the top of the power as soon as possible.

Centre: Mitchell Robinson (via New York Post)

The New York Knicks landed the real gem in the person of Mitchell Robinson. Many people have slept on it, but it proves that he is not shy on the big stage and that he became the best player of the team last season. And according to his family, he only got better during the long low season.

Robinson knows how to use his height to change a lot of planes below and above the edge, and he can also protect the edge. He has improved his pitching and bowling and is already impressed by his athletics as a rim and finish runner.


Launch route planned in 2020-21 for Boston Celtics

Scheduled launch mode for Brooklyn Networks 2020-21.

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Planned starting grid for the Los Angeles Lakers 2020-21.

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