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With only a few weeks to go until the premiere, the excitement for the new season couldn’t be greater in the NBA community. Of the countless plots, the intensification of the struggle in Los Angeles remains one of the most talked-about stories.

Last season the Clippers made a big wave by signing Paul George and Kavi Leonard to expand their already talented team. At that time it was considered a great challenge for Purple and Gold, and the rivalry was renewed by the fact that the two teams were facing each other at the same time.

We know how it would turn out if the Clippers were defeated early and their biggest opponent had to see them win the Larry O’Brien Cup. Worse, the Clippers will face the defending NBA champion (as an away match) on the opening day, which means they will be in the front row at the opening ceremony.

I just realized that this means the Clippers have to watch how the Lakers get their rings https://t.co/2nsLNUNVWj.

– 1. Harrison Cinema (@hmfaigen) December 2020.

As some have pointed out, an early start of the NBA may mean that the rings won’t be ready that day, because it will take a few months for them to finish. This chance didn’t stop with the fans who kept reacting with brutal injections against the clips.

Actually, it’s a home game with scissors, because there won’t be any fans.

– 2. Stephen Conway (@Steven_Conway1) December 2020.

Streetlights over headlights right @LAClippers beam pic.twitter.com/24oM2wBMKD

– 3. Franchise98 billion (@Franchise98 billion) December 2020.

Little League pic.twitter.com/iZt8DUIlwY

– 2. Anthony (@Anthony18ice) 3. Anthony (@Anthony18ice) December 2020.

I just thought… pic.twitter.com/ivjZGYDqhS

– Maximum next (@Maximus_Nextinl) 3. December 2020.


– 1. Noël Faggfoomsintu (@NFaggfoomsintu) 2. Noël Faggfoomsintu (@NFaggfoomsintu) December 2020

LOVE!!! Let the clips watch Big Brother Lakers get his jewelry. However, the clips are so arrogant that they stay in the dressing room while the ring is being presented.

– d.e.w.918 (@mam_white) 3. December 2020.

Lebron and Ed Lakers for life. The clips must be viewed for a certain period of time.

– 2. ICCool (@ICCooler) 3. December 2020

nba’s office steals scissors pic.twitter.com/kowV0ovgM2

– 1. General Laker (@nbakritish28) 2. General Laker (@nbakritish28) December 2020.

Given their history of defeats and incredibly disappointing play-offs last year, it would almost be torture for the Kauha team to be at the Lakeshow where they got the rings. It can also encourage them to rehabilitate themselves.

In general, this Clippers team only has one season, and that at a time when so much went wrong in the world. In view of this second attempt, it is more than plausible to think that things could turn out differently this time.

We’ll wait and see.

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