Facebook Inc.

said he would remove political advertising for the second round of voting in Georgia, which begins Wednesday, but that he would maintain a larger time block on U.S. ads on social issues, elections or politics in an effort to limit misinformation.

Facebook’s decision, which follows a similar approach

Alphabet Inc.

Google said Tuesday that it was considering comments from experts and advertisers across the political spectrum on how it uses its tools to reach voters for the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia on the 5th. January. The early vote started this week in the state, and a second round will determine which party will control the House in the presidential election.

Joe Biden

begins his administration.

Facebook said it had developed a process that allows advertisers to inform Georgian voters about the second round and to reject ads that target places outside the state or that are not relevant to the Georgian elections.

We will continue to ban any advertising whose content has been refuted by independent fact-finders or which does not legitimize the second round of the elections of Georgia, Facebook wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. A Facebook spokesman said the company would publicly announce the lifting of a broader block on political advertising.


Democratic Senate candidateRafael Warnock ran a campaign in Atlanta on Tuesday, a day before Facebook began allowing political advertising in Georgia.


Jim Watson/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Facebook and Google are the largest digital platforms for political advertising. President Trump and Biden’s campaigns together spent about $200 million on Facebook ads in the run-up to the 2020 elections, excluding third-party groups, according to Facebook’s ad library. However, both platforms decided to limit political advertising before and after the general elections in order to limit the dissemination of false information.

Google, which started allowing political advertising last week, said it no longer regards the post-election period as a sensitive event, but maintains its advertising guidelines and does not allow the dissemination of false information that could undermine confidence in the elections.

Democratic and republican campaigns and political groups have been calling for weeks for both companies to lift their bans so that they can post ads on their platforms, including Google YouTube and Facebook Instagram, to convince Georgian voters to support and vote for their candidates.

Political and social media

Spokesman for the Democratic Senate Candidates

John Ossoff.


Raphael Warnock,

Together with the Democratic Campaign Committee of the Senate, they stated that previous decisions to ban political advertising had put them at a disadvantage. They called on the wider Republican ranks and said it was easier for them to share information about their accounts than for their opponents.

Following Google’s decision last week, those involved in the second round of the Georgian Senate said they would not stop other digital ads and programs that also reach Georgians.

For example, the conservative leadership of PAC is working with the Republican platform organization SwipeRed to turn young voters and volunteers into campaigners for GOP Sens.

David Lost.


Kelly Loeffler,


Lisa Schneegans,

Co-founder and CEO of the parent company SwipeRed Buzz360. She said the CAP creates message templates to encourage people to vote for Republicans. B. criticising the recent school closures as a result of concerns over the coronavirus, with reference to the support for Mrs Loeffler and Mr Purdue. She said that these templates are shared with users of the application who can then send SMS, email and Facebook messages or call their contacts directly.


Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler fights for his seat in one of two ballots that will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate.


Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Mike Pfohl,

The executive director of Organizing Empowerment said his department works with 21 organizations in Georgia, including the non-profit organizations Black Voters Matter, Rock the Vote, Showing Up for Racial Justice and Georgia Equality, on behalf of the Democratic candidates in Georgia.

In an age of misinformation, groups that are reliable ambassadors on the ground and activate their volunteers to hire friends and family are essential, he said.

For example, political groups also call on influential people in the field. B. Religious leaders should post information on their own networks to encourage voter participation, a strategy used during general elections, said.

Dan Beckmann,

Executive Director of the Platform for the Organisation of the Soapbox Relationship, working with the Community Action for Change on behalf of Georgia’s democratic candidates.

Campaigns and political groups have turned to platforms other than Facebook and Google to reach Georgians, such as Hulu, Snapchat and Pandora, according to advertisers. Over the past few days, Mr Warnock has been twittering about his use of the Twitch game platform.

Some campaigns and political action committees also work with voters based on the homepages they visit and the videos they watch online, which are recorded using web-based tracking tools. SendtoNews, for example, a video distribution platform for news and sports sites, allows political advertisers to target users in Georgia, the CEO said.

Matthew Watson.

Local online publishers and platforms like ours that serve local online publishers should benefit [from the ban on racial discrimination and social media], Watson said. If you encourage voters to go to the polls, you don’t need Google and Facebook to do it.

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