Sell high on these 4 NFL wide receivers


As we approach the middle of the NFL season, we can say that you have a good idea of how some players are evaluated in fantasy football.

There are players who have not even scratched the surface in terms of production, and there are players who abuse their hospitality at the top of the ladder.

Wide receivers are one of the most important players in fantasy football and can set or break your team’s record.

If you want to make a deal in time to improve your team, you should consider selling some of these fantastic football clubs for a high price so far.

#1. Mike Evans

Mike Evans should pay attention to the customers at the beginning of the NFL year.

Sure, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the best offensives in the NFL and Mike Evans has a WR1, but in terms of fantasy production, he could be the third best receiver on the team!

This year Evans has 25 shots at 318 meters and 6 touchdowns, very solid. But these NFL numbers are very misleading.

Evans isn’t as effective as Chris Godwin.

During the 4 weeks that Godwin played for the Bucs, Evans had only 6 shots for 51 yards and three touchdowns. In games without Godwin, Evans has 19 movements at 277 meters and 3 touchdowns. That’s a pretty striking difference.

It doesn’t stop at parties. Evans scored only 12 goals in four NFL games against Godwin but scored 27 goals in three games without him.

Now that Godwin seems to be back in time, Mike Evans’ NFL production is expected to collapse. There are also new mouths to feed with the recording of Antonio Brown from the attack.

Evans is very valuable right now. I’d trade him in before his production shuts down.

#2. Valdez marking scale

This guy may not have superstar status, but MVS is still a good fantasy player this season in the NFL.

MVS was the second recipient of Green Bay this season and has even occasionally played in WR1 with Dawan Adams. He’s got 15 hits for 242 yards and a touchdown this season.

But he’s doing all this without Packers a real WR2, Allen Lazard.

When Lazard was healthy, he had more shots with the same number of targets. This season in the NFL, Lazard has more receiving yards than MVS for half the games played!

Mr. Lazard will be back on the list this week or next.

As soon as Davante Adams is back in the game, MVS’s target share will decrease.

Get him off your NFL Fantasy Football list and get something for him while you can!

#3. Amari Cooper

The exchange of a cowboy receiver can be difficult given the CB status of the team. But in every fantasy football league, there’s some idiot who thinks Cooper can still produce at the same speed with the third quarterback in the NFL.

Find out who this guy is and trade Amarie Cooper for him!

With Roof clearly out of season and Andy Dalton missing a few weeks, the NFL production of Amari Cooper does not look very promising in the near future.

It would only be fair to give Ben DiNucci a chance. Maybe he only had Cooper and Cooper in his sights. Would this be the case with Tom Brady from Dallas?

In all likelihood, that’s not the case, and the Cowboys will actually fight to get the ball in the air for the rest of the NFL campaign.

I would try to replace a Cooper, Gallup or Lamb (if not a goalie) to try to get a more reliable NFL receiver.

#4. Clay pulp hunt

If you were lucky enough to get Kleipul after Exam 2. Week on the wire and in the 5th week to play with him, you have Chase Kleipul the best of the whole NFL season.

After Claypool’s monster performance in 4 touchdowns in week 5, Claypool had 17 fantasy points (PPR), but only 1 fantasy point (PPR) followed.

The inconsistency of Clay Pulse is what is expected later in the NFL season. Attack Steelers is dynamic and has so many mouths to feed.

However, this does not mean that Kleipul will not be a powerful man for the steel producers. He’ll probably have a very good week for the rest of the season. However, it is the inconsistency of Kleipul that will motivate me to deal with it before the deadline.

Apparently Claypool’s best performance this season is behind us. I sell for as much as I can.

By exchanging Fantasy Football, teams can be formed or separated. Teams can position themselves outside the competition, while others can turn their team into an opponent.

If you’re on your list with one of these guys in week 8, I’ll seriously consider selling high as long as I can.

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