Bungie has just released Update 3.1.0, which includes several bug fixes and weapon improvements in Destiny 2. The problem is that a number of new issues have arisen, affecting some of the game’s gear and actions. This prompted the developer to address them on its social media channels.

The nerd was “absolutely not intentional. “

One of the topics being discussed in the Destiny 2 community is the exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Players have noticed that the weapon seems to have received massive nerve damage stats, according to the recent YouTuber Scrub video.

In the video, he claims that the damage caused by Exotics has decreased by about 50%, calling it “the worst nerve of all time.” The clip, by co-creator Ehruar, shows a comparison of the damage caused by last season’s launcher with that of the current season. It was even posted on the subreddit Destiny 2 and has spread well among members.

Bungie’s community leader Cozmo pointed this out and addressed the issue by stating that “any damage reduction in Tomorrow’s Eyes was completely unintentional,” further noting that their development team is currently working on a bug in the weapon. He also noted that the benefit of his weapon, the customization gear, works as described.

Titan’s Eavesdropper

Dmg, on the other hand, also addressed another issue with exotic titanic characters – Dunemarcher’s leg armor and Heart of Inmost Light chest armor. According to him, both cases were forwarded to the Destiny 2 development team, although he had to follow up with them to see if there was a bug report.

According to Reddit user, VindictiVagabond, you can only get the second stack of chest armor if you are either Grenade, Melee or Barricade, Melee.

Otherwise, you won’t get a second stack. As for the leg piece, the PO says it’s not in use since the recent Destiny 2 patch. The PO even provided evidence of these bugs in action.

“Bug Patch” in Destiny 2.

Dmg also gave a clarification on Twitter about the weekly raids. He tweeted that the event is not scheduled for the current season in Destiny 2, adding that it was an “unfortunate patch-note that will be removed.” However, he noted that this is something the developers are aiming for next season and will be notified of the new dates. Destiny 2 players also brought up the issue of the kosmodrome attack and pointed out that the director had missed it, which Cosmo assured them he was now working on.

Re: the weekly raid.
This is a bug patch that will be removed.
The release of the weekly raid was not planned for season 13, but it is the team’s goal for next season.
We will keep you updated as new information is released.

– dmg04 (@A_dmg04) February 10, 2021

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