Jug versus Trump


Biden versus Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads most polls in states where there is enough fighting to win the 2020 elections. But even in 2016 it happened, and Donald Trump won a crushing victory.

Here are seven possible Electoral College cards to win bids.

As election day approaches, many are wondering how the electoral college will place Biden – or Trumpf – in the Oval Office. Before that we wrote about the different ways Trump can join the Electoral College. You can read this article here.

In this article, we will focus on 7 possible ways in which the Electoral College can make Joe Biden president. Of course there are more, but these are some of the most interesting predictions.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Biden wins in Florida

Honestly, Tuesday is a state issue in a way: Florida. Trump could have won a few ways without Florida, but there aren’t that many. If Biden wins in Florida, it will greatly increase his chances of winning the presidency. Pennsylvania would be very important to Trump in this scenario. The trump card will have to be most other states if he loses Florida.

To show the dominance of Florida, we put Florida and Pennsylvania on this map, but we gave trumps to other combat states (like Wisconsin and Michigan) whose polls show no probable victory (unless they are wrong).

2. The Convention Area of the State of Maine has turned everything upside down in.

There are two constituencies in Congress, each with one vote. Maine’s one of them. Could this put Joe Biden over his head?

The convention on 2. The Maine district went to Trump after years of being non-Republican, but polls show that Biden is only just lagging behind, according to WABI5. This has recently prompted Donald Trump, Jr. to say that the district can determine the elections.

This scenario suggests that Trumpf wins on major battlefields such as Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona.

The second district of the Nebraska treaty can go in any direction. According to Fox News, Trump barely won the province in 2016, but in a recent poll Biden has risen by 1. Obama won the district in 2008, and Mitt Romney won it in 2012, according to Fox News.

Nate Silver, the political data forecaster, predicted that everything is based on a recount in 2. Nebraska congressional district.

The above ticket also requires Biden to win in Nebraska County.

3. Biden wins North Carolina

If Biden wins in North Carolina, it will be much harder for Trump. In fact, North Carolina is so important that Biden could lose a great Midwestern nation like Pennsylvania and still win the presidency. Do you see that?

4. Biden defeats the Midwestern States Trifect that Clinton lost in 2016

A great story in 2016 for Trump: He won the winning trio from the rarely seen and historically blue states of the Midwest: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Will Biden work better in these states than Hillary Clinton?

He won by displacing new voters from rural areas and because of the lower turnout in the cities for Clinton than Barack Obama liked. Biden wins the most polls in the three states.

If Biden wins in all three states, he wins, and we even give the advantage to everything else, including Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and so on.

5. Biden wins in Georgia

Can Biden win Georgia? The polls show he has a chance. If he wins in Georgia, Trump will have to lay that land somewhere else, narrowing his path to victory.

If Biden wins in Georgia, he can survive the unexpected Capricorn victory in another combat state – say Michigan.

6. Biden wins Arizona

If Biden takes Arizona out of the race, it will be much harder for Trump to win the presidency. To show the importance of Arizona, we even indicated Trump’s Pennsylvania on this map, but that’s not enough.

7. Biden wins Pennsylvania

Can Trump win without Pennsylvania? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But it would be much, much harder. If Biden wins in Pennsylvania, he can afford to lose a state like Wisconsin and still win (he has to win two congressional wards to do so).

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