Hurry up and get some rest, Rudy, we’re moving on! Trumpf tweeted it.

Giuliani was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital on Sunday, a fact confirmed by a well-known CNN source.

A few hours after Trump shared this news, Giuliani himself seemed to confirm his positive diagnosis by posting on Twitter that he received a lot of attention and felt good.

No further details about his condition have been released and it is not known when Giuliani tested positive for Covid-19. He and his spokesperson did not respond to CNN’s requests for comments.

A former mayor of New York City traveled across the country to conflict-ridden states, leading to a lengthy court case against the president to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

In recent weeks Giuliani has repeatedly ignored public health guidelines and has appeared unmasked in government capitals, in the ballrooms of hotels and at press conferences in closed rooms. At many events, most of the other people in the room did not wear a mask either.

At some events Giuliani was seen shaking hands, hugging people and photographing without wearing a mask.

He recently travelled to the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta on Thursday for a Senate hearing on the November elections. During the audition break, Giuliani took off the mask he wore for the reception and took pictures with his disciples.

On Wednesday, he drove to Michigan for four and a half hours of hearings before the House committee on representatives, where he was masked while making misleading statements that the election had been stolen from Trump.

Earlier this week, Giuliani was in Arizona on Monday, where he met with some members of the state legislature to discuss unsubstantiated claims that the election was rigged.

A few hours before Trump announced his diagnosis, Giuliani interviewed Fox News via satellite.

The campaign release of the trump card, which was issued late Sunday evening, says Giuliani was tested twice last week with negative results just before his trip to Arizona, Michigan and Georgia. The campaign added that more than 48 hours after his return, Giuliani had not experienced any symptoms or had tested positive for the Covid 19 test.

A 76-year-old male is suspected of a high risk of coronavirus-related complications due to his age.

Giuliani travelled with campaign lawyer Trump Jenna Ellis, who was at his side last week for all events related to the 2020 elections.

Ellis tweeted his prayers for the mayor on Sunday @RudyGiuliani and called him a tough warrior. She promised that the president’s legal team would continue its efforts to refute the election results.

The communications director of the campaign, Kozyr Tim Murtaugh, refused to comment on Giuliani’s condition and whether Ellis had tested positive or planned a quarantine. He tweeted CNN to Trump and Ellis.

Giuliani’s son Andrew, a White House employee, tested positive for Covid-19 last month after attending a Trump campaign team press conference in Washington with his father.

Andrew Giuliani tweeted on Sunday evening that his father is resting, that he is very careful and that he is feeling well.

Giuliani also abandoned the CDC quarantine guidelines after his son and close contact and field advisor Boris Epstein tested positive at the end of November. The day Epstein announced a positive result, Giuliani traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he approached a group of Republican state legislators in the hotel’s busy ballroom.

The former mayor was the last person in the president’s orbit to receive the virus. The president, First Lady Melanie Trump, her sons Donald Jr. and Barron, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and a number of other senior campaign and White House employees have tested positive in recent months.

Giuliani was also close to Georgia’s ace Bill White, who attended the presidential rally in Valdost on Saturday night. Last week white men shook hands and hugged Giuliani.

Due to the increasing number of cases and deaths of Covida 19, the White House continues to ignore the recommendations of the CDC and organises large events without masks and with little social exclusion.

Elena Parents, a Democratic Party of Georgia senator who attended the hearing with Giuliani on Georgian Capitol Hill on Thursday, told CNN that Giuliani and his team deliberately put us all in danger to drive Trump crazy.

Republicans in Georgia’s Senate conducted reckless and irresponsible personal hearings during the pandemic without asking for masks and social aloofness. Obviously, the risk of COVID from (Giuliani) and the team that attended the unmasked hearings across the country was high, and they put us all at risk voluntarily to drive Trump crazy, the parent said in an e-mail statement to CNN on Sunday.

She added that Mayor Giuliani’s blatant disregard for public security measures in connection with this pandemic is irresponsible and puts Georgians at risk.

This story is completed with an extra explanation of the Trump campaign.

Annie Grayer, Wesley Bruer, Holly Silverman, Mel Alonso, Donald Judd and Brian Rockus of CNN have contributed to this report.

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