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An NBA fan attacked Carmelo Anthony and his NBA career, which has been excellent on an individual level, but not so good when it comes to collective performance. Melo is great, no question, but he hasn’t won an NBA championship yet.

A fan named @russandroses recently made a bold statement about the veteran, saying that Anthony would have won at least three championships had he had LeBron James teams in his career.

Hot tip:

If Premier Carmelo Anthony played on every LeBron team, he would have won three championships by now, but you’re not prepared for this debate pic.twitter.com/RsKwVqXOlB

– Dennis / #1 Kyler, Russ & Rose Fan ⚘ (@RussNRoses) January 29, 2021

Needless to say, this led to a debate, with some fans agreeing with Russ, while others were against Anthony because unlike LeBron James, who proved it with the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers, he had no way to win.

The fact that Lebron made it to the finals without All-Stars doubly invalidates this entire argument. Melo was in the opposing team and did not make the final. In 2013, the Knicks shared the season series with the Heat, who have yet to make the playoffs. LeBron dominated the scene

– BiGG SAiNT (@BiGGSAiNT_MUSiC) 30. January 2021

I am in no way suggesting that Melo > Source….

Prime Melo was a beast though and with a good team of asses and some pretty weak competition on some chip bronze races, he could definitely win some….

Especially in warm years.

– Dennis / #1 Kyler, Russ & Rose Fan ⚘ (@RussNRoses) January 29, 2021

LeBron has reached the finals four times with Miami. If Carmelo had that team, at least once.

– Curry Allen Miller (@SlimCeddy) 29. January 2021

No one is ready for this debate because there is no imao. Prime Melo wouldn’t lead Sasha, Big Z, Marshall and Boobie to a free final, even if the Cavs …. would sweep, but that will never happen. Someone already said he would play second fiddle to Miami.

– John Torres (@JonT321) 30. January 2021

Two good teams in 11 seasons and more…. Bron hasn’t played on a bad team since 0700. In 2009, Melo faced the champions in a series of tough playoff matches and lost. With the Knicks 12, they lost to the Heat who won the token and Team 13 was old and had some injuries.

– Salvadoran boar (@bk_yank86) January 30, 2021

No, he doesn’t have the defensive punch of a LeBron.

– MVP (@RussTakeover) 29. January 2021

No, but the Heat always win at least 2, and if he’s still Prime Melo, he’s also won in recent years….

– Dennis / #1 Kyler, Russ & Rose Fan ⚘ (@RussNRoses) January 29, 2021

Melo was the best defender in the forwards. He didn’t know how to play as a team. If he had a bad night shooting, there was no other way to affect the game. Low level — won a series of playoffs with the Knicks in eight years.

– Jason Hampton (@SwagLikeDRose) 29. January 2021

No, because I don’t think Mello can beat teams like the Spurs, the Celtics (when everyone was healthy, or the Heat last year). He only shot effectively for 3 years in the playoffs, his defense forced him to take guys like DeRozan, Rose, Pierce -.

– Meh (@meh_linmusclan) 29. January 2021

Had he played on LeBron’s teams, he would have been a second option in his first few years in Miami.

– Thybubble Bible (@ThybubbleBible) 29. January 2021

And beyond that, just think about it. We put Prime Melo in place of a 36-year-old Lebron with the Lakers, and I don’t even think that’s a guarantee he’ll win the bubble boat. The gap between the two is the Grand Canyon.

– Harrison Brooks (@Brooksey34) January 30, 2021

He would have won with Heat 1. Carmelo Prime was a black hole iso. The best Carmelo was in defense. Carmelo Prime was struggling to separate the ball.

They will win their second season with the Heat against talent. They would have problems with Spurs with Kawhi.

– Hearing aids (@Hearing aids) January 30, 2021

LeBron has 4 rings and you say Melo would have won at least 3 with the same teams that won bronze. I don’t understand how we can even discuss this. You’re not saying Melo > Source. What you’re saying is that Melo could have won a few chips even with good teams. I agree.

– Azgardian Clock JJK (@BankaiXIII) 30. January 2021

he played, he got Billups/Iverson, Je Smith, Kenyon Martin, NeNe all together before they got old with the Nuggets.

– K-Dot (@KingKaydot) 29. January 2021

A strange attitude, I would say… but no. For starters, Miami was a team where LBJ was able to differentiate every position…. In Melo’s case… Well, uh… Well, you know… Um… Well done, although .

– NBAMotiv23 (@nbamotiv23) 30. January 2021

No lies.

– Hussein (@h_deezymaaz24) January 30, 2021

Lol how he is first small in all his commands but you don’t give first small in all his commands smh tune didn’t work with the big 3 remember? Or maybe it’s so easy to forget that I like melon, but it’s not made for chips.

– Jesse Bickers (@JBick21) 29. January 2021

No LeBron team has ever played a championship game and made it to the finals with Carmelo in his place.

– B.J. (@MiamiSportsGvng) 29. January 2021

They all assume that the melody could lead them to the end.

– Josh (@jazzstan32) January 29, 2021

You’re right, we’re not ready because we are. That’s not true.

– Deshaunsaballer (@deshaunsaballer) January 30, 2021

My answer is EXACTLY. This must be Steven’s burner A .

– Alhamdulilah (@Mr_Lumii) January 30, 2021

That’s not what lmao…. is talking about at all. is talking about.
Literally, if Melo had played on those teams NO LeBron….

– Jake (@HeatBy90) 30. January 2021

Carmelo Anthony is on the list of the greatest NBA players to ever win a ring. Melo has been on some great teams in his career with the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks, but he never took that final step to compete for a championship, and now that he’s 36 years old, his window seems to have closed.

He’s now part of the Portland Trail Blazers, a very interesting team that could have played in the West, but injuries took their toll in recent seasons and prevented them from winning a championship.

We don’t know yet how Melo and his team will fare, but he’s not getting any younger and the competition in the NBA is getting tougher.

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frequently asked questions

How much is Carmelo Anthony worth?

Anthony’s net worth is now $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Does Carmelo Anthony have a ring?

Despite his individual acclaim, Anthony has never won an NBA title, but he believes he would have won at least one or two championships if the Pistons had selected him instead of Milicic in 2003. The Pistons reached the finals in 2004 and 2005 and won the ring in 2004.

Which NBA team did Carmelo Anthony sign with?

Carmelo Anthony – Wikipedia

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