Brittany Banks, the 90-day-old fiancée, gets a lot of cotton on her instagram after Sunday’s 90-day episode: Another way she fought her beloved Yazan. According to Et Online, the duo fought because Yazan accused Brittany of having had a car accident. After the fight, Brittany never wanted to see Yazan again. She said she wanted to go to Jordan because her friend Angela had already paid for the plane tickets.

When Brittany arrived in Jordan, she looked around but did not see Yazan. She assumed he wasn’t picking her up, so she took a cab. Meanwhile Yazan went to the airport, but didn’t see her until she got in a taxi.

He tried to call her, but she didn’t make a decision. When the girlfriend from Brittany came to Jordan, she was surprised to hear that the couple was divorced. She called on Brittany to be more sensitive to what Yazan is going through. Yazan was expelled from his family home, fired by his father and threatened with murder because he did not approve of his relationship with Brittany.

Later, Brittany and her friend went for a drink and Brittany got drunk. She admitted that she missed Yazan and then called him to come and get her, but her boyfriend was afraid that Yazan would react if he saw Brittany drunk. She said she didn’t want to get into the crossfire.

Brittany said that alcohol is widespread and legal in Jordan, but is not allowed in the Yazani family.

She explained it was because the Yazani family was conservative. She also said that sometimes Yazan didn’t care that she drank, and sometimes she didn’t care that she drank. In the previous episode Yazan got angry after seeing a bottle of tequila with her at the airport, he probably didn’t want to see her drunk, but Brittany called him on Sunday, no matter what.

Brittany is compared to her friend.

Brittany uploaded the video to their Instagram. One of her admirers compared her to her friend Angela and said that Angela was more classic than she was and beautiful inside. She asked Brittany to meet more of Angela so she could learn from her.

Another fan asked Brittany not to play with Yazani’s feelings.

She said if she couldn’t adapt to her culture, she had to leave. She said that Brittany is beautiful and can achieve everything she strives for, and that Yazan deserves to be happy.

Breton banks have been asked to withdraw their braid.

In the video Brittany wore a long black wavy fabric. However, one of his disciples made a negative remark and dared to show his real hair. The woman who refused to comment got a lot of refusals because Breton fans were defending her. One of the fans responded to this comment by pointing out that you white women have the nerves on edge these days.

The other fan said, okay, Karen Boomer. I wouldn’t talk to your hair, I’d take notes.

One of the supporters of Brittany said that as a black woman, I condemn her statement.

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