The highly anticipated reboot of He-Man, directed by Kevin Smith, is still a few months away from release. The Lord of the Universe: Revelation will debut on Netflix later in 2021, but for those who can’t wait to return to Eternia, Dark Horse Comics is teaming up with Mattel to present the upcoming four-part animated series. The first issue appears on the 7th. July comes. The official description of the comic is as follows.

After Orlax’s vicious attack on his father, King Randor, He-Man learns that the creature is connected to the origin of the Sword of Power. In order to save Randor and end the chaos, he must embark on a journey that sees him take on his old enemies, Skeletor and Evil Lin, and hand Teela the reins of a powerful legacy.
APPROPRIATE: The New Man and Masters of the Universe reveal relaunch Netflix toy series

Masters of the Universe was launched nearly 40 years ago, primarily as a toy line for action figures. Each act was accompanied by a comic book, allowing children to gain a deeper understanding of the world of Eternity. The collaboration with Dark Horse is a return to the origins of the creation of the upcoming Masters of the Universe: An explicit series with an epic storyline from a comic book.

The Netflix series would be a much darker version of Lords of the Universe. Despite the change in tone from a comedic cartoon to a dark anime-style series, showrunner Kevin Smith said the character designs haven’t changed much from their original interpretations.

Master of the universe: Revelation picks up where the original 1980s cartoon left off. Netflix has managed to reboot an old cartoon classic from the 1980s. Netflix commissioned the first of three Transformer mines last year, with the final payout expected later in 2021. Netflix is also reportedly working on a Thundercats series for streaming.

Kevin Smith has assembled an impressive voice cast for Masters of the Universe: Disclosure. The biggest name to sign is Mark Hamill, who will portray the villain Skeletor from the voice of current retirees. Hamill is best known for his role as the Joker in Batman : The cartoon series of the ’90s. Master of the universe: In Revelation, Hamill will also be seen with Kevin Conroy, his doppelganger in the animated Batman series: The Cartoon Network, gather round. Mr. Conroy will lend his voice to Merman in the upcoming animated series, and he and Mr. Hamill will be joined by a star-studded cast. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela), Lena Headey (Evil-Lyn), Phil LaMarr (He-Ro), Henry Rollins (Tri-Clops), Diedrich Bader (Jaw Trap), Justin Long (Roberto), Jason Mewes (Stinkor) and Griffin Newman (Orko).

Apocalypse will be the fourth animated movie based on Masters of the Universe. In general, it revolves around Prince Adam using the power sword to turn into a non-human while fighting Skeletor and his army on Eternia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the upcoming animated film or comic will be part of the same universe as the other Netflix Masters of the Universe original, She-Ra and the Princess of Power. The first issue of Master of the Universe: The Apocalypse comes out on July 7. 2021 to appear in comic shops, followed by other releases on the 11th. Aug. 9. September and 13. October 2021.

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