Actor Zack Snyder Ray Porter of the Justice League joins the fan campaign to see Toby Maguire return as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4. While since the departure of Maguire two new actors play Spider-Man on the big screen, the original Spider-Man remains a personal favourite of many fans. In a special video message posted on Twitter on behalf of Spider-Man 4, Porter asks Sony to return Maguire for one of their own sequels.

Special video message from the ZSJL team @Ray__Wear Aka Darkseid @Sony & @SonyPictures Toby Maguire please call Spider-Man 4 #WeWantSpiderMan4

Video on behalf of @Spiderman4SR Make sure you support them!

– The Ayer Cut (@CutAyer) 28. October 2020Hi, Sony Pictures, this is Ray Porter – Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – and here’s a request from your many, many, many fans asking you to give Toby Maguire back the role of Spider-Man in Spider-Man 4. The fans really, really want it. They were so upset when they heard that Spider-Man 4 had been cancelled. They want to use Toby Maguire as Spider-Man in Spider-Man 4.
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Toby Maguire first played Peter Parker in Sam Raimey’s Spider-Man, in which Kirsten Dunst starred as Mary Jane Watson. Prior to its premiere in 2002, the film was a devastating success in terms of distribution and paved the way for a superhero boom that will dominate distribution in the years to come. In 2004 and 2007 Maguire reissued the role in two sequels. At the time, Raimi was supposed to continue the franchise with Spider-Man 4, but the film was eventually postponed to production.

In 2012 Sony re-launched its franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man and replaced Maguire with Andrew Garfield. Garfield will again play the weaving sling with the sequel to be released in 2014. As with Spider-Man 4, Garfield planned to continue the film series in the other part. This potential sequel was also filmed when Tom Holland took the role of introducing the character into the wonderful world of film, leading to the release of Spider-Man in 2017: Homecoming and the sequel to 2019, Spider-Man: Not far from home.

At this moment, the shooting of the third Spider-Man film with the Netherlands has started, in which this role will be re-released. Rumor has it that the Marvel studio has released Spider-Man 3, both Maguire and Garfield, with Spider-Man – similar to the cartoon Spider-Man : In Spider Verses – but these posts were immediately challenged by Sonia Fictures. Maguire could also appear in the next Dr. Strange sequel in a cartoon of madness, also of Raimy. However, most fans seem to want Maguire to have his own solo sequel on Spider-Man, as opposed to a cameo in MCU.

Strange things have happened. For decades it seemed highly unlikely that Michael Keaton would ever see the role of Batman again, but he is currently negotiating with Warner Brothers and DC to do so in The Flash. Since comic book lovers are so interested in the return of classic superhero characters in new movies, maybe it’s time for Maguire fans to promote Spider-Man 4, which they never had. The video in which Porter asked Sony to film Spider-Man 4 was tweeted by The Ayer Cut.

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