Michael Jordan, the iconic basketball legend, recently scored his 10th NBA scoring title. He won his first five scoring titles while playing for the Chicago Bulls and the next five while playing for the Washington Wizards, and recently he won his tenth title while playing for the Charlotte Hornets. (“I’m Not a Role Model”, 1989)

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players in NBA history. He has five NBA titles (tied with Bill Russell), six All-Star appearances, an NBA MVP award, and an NBA scoring title. He was also the youngest person to be named NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA Finals MVP, and NBA All-Star Game MVP.

“The owner of the Chicago Bulls averaged 29.4 points per game during his 10-year run with the Bulls , and he won six NBA titles in the process. The most impressive part of Jordan’s career is that he was able to keep up his level of play, seemingly playing at an even higher level, during five consecutive seasons of playing more than 70 regular-season games, from two to five years after his first retirement. Jordan’s numbers dropped off after he returned to the NBA, however, and he retired after the 1998-99 season.”

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest scorer of all time. The shooting guard leads all players in career scoring at 30.1 PPG, and he has accumulated the most scoring titles in NBA history. For the 10 straight years, he was in the league from the late 1980s to the late 1990s, he led the NBA in scoring.

That means Air Jordan has a whopping 10 scoring titles to his name. But the manner he dominated the NBA for a decade straight wasn’t even remotely ordinary. Jordan was by far the best player in the world and it makes one wonder how effective he would be if he played in today’s game. Here is the breakdown of each of Michael Jordan’s scoring titles that he won over 10 straight seasons.

1987 Season – 37.1 PPG

Michael Jordan found himself on a very weak Chicago Bulls team that lacked any offensive power outside of His Airness. Jordan led the NBA in scoring with one of the highest PPG averages in NBA history, and he was simply unstoppable. Unfortunately for Jordan, he got swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics but he still put forth an iconic regular season that included 2 61-point games.

1988 Season – 35.0 PPG

This was the season where Jordan started filling up his trophy cabinet. Even when leading the league in scoring and carrying a heavy load, Jordan competed and beat Dominique Wilkins in his second Dunk Contest victory. Of course, Jordan also won league MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Jordan would probably claim his biggest achievement was finally making it out of the first round by defeating the Cavaliers, although the Pistons would knock the Bulls out in the second round.

1989 Season – 32.5 PPG

Jordan started showing off his all-around game by averaging 8.0 RPG and 8.0 APG to go along with his 32.5 PPG. Jordan was still the best player in the NBA individually, but he lacked enough help to compete in the East. Nonetheless, Jordan defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers once again by nailing “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo. Unfortunately for MJ, he ran into the Pistons again and that ended his postseason run.

1990 Season – 33.6 PPG

Jordan was once again on top of the NBA individually except he started getting help. Phil Jackson became the head coach and Scottie Pippen began his ascent as an effective two-way wing. Jordan would go nuts on offense all season long, carrying the Bulls to a solid 55-win record. It seemed that Michael Jordan would finally get over the hump in the playoffs but once again, The Bad Boy Pistons were in the way and knocked Chicago out in the Eastern Conference Finals.

1991 Season – 31.5 PPG

This might be Michael Jordan’s greatest season in his career. He finally overcame his nemesis in the Detroit Pistons and won his first NBA championship. Michael was at his best on offense, nailing 53.9% of his shots from the field and solidifying himself as the best player who ever lived. It was hard to argue against that because his consistency cannot be compared to any player ever.

1992 Season – 30.1 PPG

In the season of “The Shrug”, Michael Jordan dominated every single one of his foes. Jordan once again shows his consistency by averaging over 30 PPG, and his unstoppable offense was the reason the Bulls made it to the NBA Finals once again. Jordan’s 35-point 1st half in Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers in the Finals was an indication that Air Jordan was here to stay.

1993 Season – 32.6 PPG

Michael Jordan once again dominated the league on offense, except this time his PPG average would be his highest in 3 years. Jordan and the Bulls were the face of the NBA and many expected them to complete the 3-peat. Of course, no one would stand in Jordan’s way and he would take over from the first game of the regular season until the time he sent the Phoenix Suns home in the Finals.

1996 Season – 30.4 PPG

After a difficult two years with Jordan’s brief retirement, he returned to the league and continued where he left off. Jordan led the NBA in scoring, won the All-Star Game MVP, regular-season MVP, and Finals MVP as he captured his 4th NBA championship. The fact that Jordan would return to full form despite his absence was yet another extraordinary example of why he is the best ever.

1997 Season – 29.6 PPG

For the first time since his rookie season, Michael Jordan didn’t average at least 30 PPG. But Jordan came close to his usual standard by once again leading the league in scoring and making more history in the playoffs. The “Flu Game” happened in the postseason and Michael Jordan won his 5th NBA title which once again widened the gap between him and anyone that ever played the game.

1998 Season – 28.7 PPG

Michael Jordan would average the lowest PPG scoring average in the ten years he won scoring titles, but that didn’t stop him from winning MVP and also his 6th and final NBA championship. Michael Jordan shot a relatively low 46.5% from the field, but his value for the Bulls usurped any other star in the league. It didn’t really matter if Jordan’s statistics dipped a bit because he would average over 32 PPG in the playoffs to clinch his second 3-peat.

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