The misleading video of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, without a warning sticker, has been circulating on social networks since Saturday after being announced by members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

In a 24-second video of a Pod Save America podcast interview with four former members of the Obama administration, Biden learned, among other things, that we have edited what I believe to be the most comprehensive and complete voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

The video was first published by RNC Research, a Twitter account of the Republican National Committee.

In this context, it is clear that Biden is talking about efforts to combat voter intimidation and provide resources to those who want to vote, and not about an organised attempt at electoral fraud.

This clip is part of a longer answer by the former vice president to a two-part question from host Dan Pfeiffer about Biden’s message to those who didn’t vote and those who did.

In his response, Biden urged people to plan how they will vote, where they will vote when they vote. Because it can get complicated, because Republicans do everything in their power to make it difficult for people, especially people of color, to vote.

A few sentences later he continued: We have, I believe, established the most comprehensive and complete anti-election fraud organization in the history of American politics. The chairman is trying to discourage people from voting by suggesting that their votes are not counted, they won’t be counted, we will

Biden explains that his campaign has been successful in organizing legal aid for people who feel their right to vote has been violated.

On Saturday night, White House spokeswoman Kaylie McEnani posted a short video of her personal Twitter account: THEY CAN CONFESS TO ELECTION FRAUD!

The fact-checking site Snopes rejected this claim as incorrect.

McEnani’s mail was tweeted over 32,000 times. The clip was viewed 7.9 million times on Twitter. Eric Trump also posted the video on Twitter and Facebook without any false comments.

President Trump reviewed the YouTube account and posted the title clip: Joe Biden has the largest and most extensive VOICE DEFRAUD organization in history. It’s been checked almost 500,000 times.

A Twitter spokesman said he wouldn’t tweet McEnany or Eric Trump. More detailed information on the social network was not provided.

Facebook did not immediately respond to requests for comments, but the platform did not add any information labels or means of verifying facts to the clip.

According to Twitter rules, users cannot exchange synthetic or manipulative media that can be harmful with fraudulent means. However, it is not clear whether a clip that has been taken out of context but not manipulated by the technology falls into this category.

Facebook’s manipulated media policy states that users may not post videos that have been edited or synthesized … in a way that is not visible to the average citizen and that would probably mislead them if they thought that the subject of the video contained words that they did not say.

A YouTube spokesperson said the video didn’t break its rules.

Although the video provided to us by CNN does not violate the rules of our community, we have strict rules against fraudulent activities, such as technically manipulating content in a way that misleads users (except for clips that are taken out of context) and could cause obvious damage, said Ivy Choy of YouTube.

The Trump campaign did not respond to the request for comments. Biden national spokesman T.J. Duclo said that the president of the United States has already shown that he is willing to lie and manipulate the democratic process in our country to help himself politically. That’s why we’ve assembled the strongest and most advanced team in the history of the presidential campaign to fight oppression and combat electoral fraud, whatever its manifestation.

When asked whether RNA supported the video and whether Biden’s official RNA position clearly endorses and encourages the election fraud, Steve Gost replied: You have to ask Joe Biden if he’s worth the words he said, not what we shared. The RNA is not responsible for making the Biden campaign aware of the candidate’s repeated failure.

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