We are all happy to have the NBA 2K21 series in our hands for PS5 and Xbox, especially those of us who have the Mamba Forever Edition (which by the way is a great tribute to Kobe). We’ve already lost the current generation version, and so far it’s fantastic. But there are few features that will cause us to abandon our controllers in favour of a new one in the coming days.

Realistic diagram

The most obvious difference is a huge leap in graphical accuracy. While the current generation has made leaps in graphic updates, the new generation simply takes it to a whole new level. Below is a graphical comparison between the PS4 version and the PS5 version of Youtuber kforkevo:

The extra realism of the NBA 2K21 can even bring your photos to life, just like real photos thanks to the unusual Instagram filter. Eventually we come out of a strange valley and are approached with really realistic visual effects.

Rytracking technology makes them even more realistic by accurately reflecting light and reflections. The sweat simulation is just the icing on the cake.

Other immersion controls

The next generation of consoles will also give you more control over the movements of the players. Small adjustments were made to the shot control and reset, giving you the greatest influence when shooting the ball into the ring. Ball handling and physics have also been changed and improved to be more realistic, giving you more accurate trajectories for your long triplets.

Also more complex movements, which go hand in hand with better control, introduce new animations. More advanced players can show their skills by clicking on the controls. Even the pressure and speed of your clicks play a role – players can perform tricks by clicking on the track.

The new generation of the NBA 2K21 also allows for more subtle player control. Thanks to the more sensitive controls, you can make very progressive movements. You won’t move your whole foot if you just want to get to the bow. There will be no more involuntary bouncers that normally ruin the game and end up as bounce-backs.

Hop-steps also gets an update in the new version of the game, which allows more thoughtful movements on the field and more convincing feints and regressions.

New shock motor

The improved physics of the NBA 2K21 also improves collisions with the body thanks to the new shock absorber drive.

From now on you will no longer lead the enemy and be pushed through the paint, just because you have high diving rates or a poster. Collisions make more sense, just like the way bodies react to power and dynamics. No more jumps from a standing position that only move horizontally by an opponent.

There is a new system for charging screens and fees that will not allow people to use them. Many players complained that the load was a bit broken at 2K20, so it was repaired here. The screens should now work as expected, making the matches more efficient. Similar changes in the operation of the fees will also affect the efficiency of the screens.

Short contact dikes, drives, guards and loads will be much more realistic with the new shock motor.

Aren’t you excited yet? Discover below the gameplay of the new generation NBA 2K in all its splendour:

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