Wisconsin expects the game to resume this week in Michigan after the number of active COVID-19 cases in the soccer program has been reduced to five.

The badgers started their usual preparation for the competition on Monday and will train every day this week, following the results of the COVID 19 tests. Wisconsin cancelled its last two games against Nebraska (31 October) and Purdue (7 November) after an outbreak of COWID 19 among players and staff. At one time the program had 27 active cases – 15 players and 12 staff members, but currently there are only two players and three staff members.

In Wisconsin there have been no positive tests in five of the last six days, and only two people – a player and an employee – have tested positive since day two. November tested positive. Head Coach Paul Krist, who will participate in the 28th. After a positive test with KOVID-19 in October, he resumed his personal duties on Thursday after the isolation period. Wisconsin, the one on the 28th. October all team matches suspended, began on Friday with limited air conditioning of the field, while maintaining the use of masks for all employees and remote social protocols.


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On Tuesday and Wednesday we had no new positive moments, which is a good sign, said sports director Barry Alvarez in his speech. Then we came to the idea that Friday could be the day we could bring the team together to start everything, given that we will have a regular training week this week. So we were careful on Friday and Saturday, we divided the boys into groups and only took care of the air conditioning. Then the team got together and had their usual Monday morning practice.

We’re confident we can get it under control and we’re looking forward to playing in Michigan this week. As elsewhere, we will continue to monitor the test results and base our decision on them.

Alvarez explained earlier that Wisconsin has never been in the red/red top 10 for team positivity, making it necessary to cancel the next league.

Michigan coach Jim Harbo said Monday he would take control of the game.

Wisconsin, starting the season on the 23rd. The team that started with a victory over Illinois on October 10 will probably have to play the last five regular season games to qualify for the Western Division and Big Ten titles. In order to take part in a game, a team must play at least six games.

If the average number of Big Ten matches is less than six, the teams must play at least two matches less than the average number of Big Ten matches for the championship. The champion of each division is determined by the percentage of profit in case there is no unbalanced schedule due to cancelled matches. If this is the case, there are several scenarios in the game.

If two or more teams have the same number of defeats in a conference, but a different number of victories, the individual results take precedence over the percentage of victories. If the cancelled game is against two teams with the same percentage of victory, the results of the two teams in case of a tie will be compared based on the percentage of victory in their division.

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