A pair of recently released photos give Disney fans a glimpse of the upcoming prequel, Cruella. The films also feature Cruella’s partners in crime Jasper and Horace, Joel Frye and Paul Walter Hauser, Cruella’s journalist friend Anita, star of Eva Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s The Killing, and finally Mark Strong as John, the untrustworthy valet of Baroness von Hellman.

It’s hard to completely tear someone down when you’ve seen them from the beginning, says Emma Stone in an interview with Total Film #Cruellahttps://t.co/Xa3RZNtd8Wpic.twitter.com/eLrPgRDxCc.

– Total Film (@totalfilm) 30. March 2021

Cruella takes the infamous Disney character to 1970s London in the midst of the punk rock revolution and follows a young con artist named Estella, a smart and creative girl who wants to make a name for herself with her creations. She befriends two young thieves who appreciate her penchant for mischief, and together they manage to build a life on the streets of London.

APPROPRIATE: Disney’s Cruella and Pixar’s Luke will debut on Disney+ this summer.

One day, Estella’s talent for fashion attracts the attention of the Baroness von Hellman, a frighteningly chic and terrifyingly tall fashion legend. But their relationship triggers a series of events and revelations that force Estella to embrace her evil side and become the loud, sophisticated and vengeful Cruella.

Star Emma Stone, who is also a producer on the Disney project, revealed that Cruella will show facets of the villainous character that have never been seen before, adding depth to the 101 Dalmatians villain.

It’s hard to knock someone off when you’ve been watching them from the beginning. You know, when you see the origin story, things fall into place and make more sense, even though their adult behavior is not justified by anything. I think by the end [of this movie], you start to understand how this story developed around Cruella.

Director Craig Gillespie joins this sentiment by stating: Every time I approach a character, I try to understand where they’re coming from, which I think is inherently sympathetic, he explains. It was important to make this trip with Cruella. So the audience, even if they don’t necessarily agree with what she’s doing, can understand it and the choices she’s had to make given the situation she’s in.

Cruella is scheduled for release on the 28th. May 2021 expected in the US on Disney+ with Premier Access. The film was recently given an official PG-13 rating due to certain elements of violence and theme, meaning Cruella won’t be afraid of the iconic villain’s nefarious schemes and violent attitude.

Directed by Me, Tonya and Lars and Craig Gillespie to a script by Alina Brosh McKenna (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Jez Butterworth (Ford vs Ferrari), Kelly Marcel (Venom) and Tony McNamara (The Favourite), as well as Dana Fox and Steve Zissis, expect Cruella to be a bit more mature than the cartoon adventures it’s based on. It was brought to us by Game Radar.


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