The final chapter of My Hero Academia has officially revealed the identity of Dabi to fans, and although it is a great moment, it is not as great as it should be. For this reason, the announcement itself simply does not work. In the last chapter of the series, Dabi officially revealed his true nature to both heroes and villains and had a great time comparing him to the famous comic book villains, such as the Joker. But thanks to the combination of wandering, long teasing and a feeling of coincidence around you, he doesn’t hit as hard as he should. Look out! Look out! Huge spoilers for my Hero Academy downstairs!

Chapter 290 My Heroes Academy brought the war between heroes and villains to a new level at its height. With Giantomachia on his back, the League of Villains was reunited with Cigaraki, facing the heroes who fought against him at the time. When he saw Shotau Todoroki and his father Endeavor, Dabi took a minute to tell them that he was in fact the long lost Toy Todoroki.

But then it all starts to fall apart. Not only is the revelation not as useful as it should have been, as there were enough clues for the fans to find out for themselves, but it also creeps into the center of a broader confrontation. A moment like this revelation, especially in relation to chapter 290, must be experienced as a great moment. It should have been the culmination of a conscious conflict between Dabi and the Todoroka family.

That makes the teasing even more disappointing. Not only does Dabi reveal that he was too late to announce Endeavor because he wanted to make a big deal to ruin the number one hero, but the creator of the series Kohei Horikoshi has openly let the fans down by Dabi. It is a kind of rotating knife that seems to have been written to explain why Dabi did not use his reunion with Endeavor during the pro-hero ark to reveal his identity. It’s like a fiction, which is not part of the big plan Dabi claims.

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See, for example, how his grand plan was put into practice. He decides to continue the raid on the basis of the Paranormal Liberation Front and Skeptic broadcasts his video on air. Imagine if he’d waited any longer. Imagine that Endeavor looks like the number one hero after this war, then Dabi pulls the trigger.

Wouldn’t that be more difficult than exposing him in all this chaos? Dabi’s appearance during the lecture simply doesn’t have as much influence as it could have. He’s kicking Endeavour when he’s down, instead of being the one to do it. Because it is so arbitrary and it does not seem right at this moment to know how long the plan to destroy the society of Dabi’s heroes is still going on, which turns out to be true.

So it’s not Dabi’s true identity that doesn’t work, it’s the revelation itself. If the series has waited so long to finally reveal that it is Toya Todoroki, why doesn’t it seem like a huge change from the status quo? What do you think? Is Dabi showing the work in the last chapter of my Heroes Academy? Share your thoughts in the comments, or you can even contact me directly about all the animated and other cool stuff @ Valdezology on Twitter!

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