New To Rummy, Then Learn All About Rummy Suits And Their Orders in Detail

We are back with an amazing topic on very popular demand. Get ready to know more about Rummy Suits and their orders in detail. Well, you all must have played Rummy and if you have not, please check out this fabulous game. It is available on many platforms. Just dig a little bit.

And if you are a newcomer, do ask someone for guidance otherwise winning can be difficult. If you are new to rummy, you can check our article. We will discuss everything you need to know. We have discussed Rummy Suits and their orders in detail. Just have a look.

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What are the suits in Rummy?

Are you all excited to know about suits in Rummy? But do you also wish to know about the rules of the same suit? Well, this section will introduce these terms. A suit is a pack of cards and it is just a category of cards from varying ranks. The cards are placed according to ranks. There are four suits- namely hearts. clubs, spades, and diamonds. 13 cards are present in all suits and they make 52 cards together. We hope this information was clear to you.

In rummy, there are cards from each suit and they are ranked from highest to lowest. Ace is the starting point and the suit ends with the king. Rummy will have a suit formed from the number cards from 2 to 10. And there are face cards, Jack, Queen, and King. Basically, the face cards and the ace cards carry points equal to their face values. The number cards carry equal points to the number cards. Keep in mind that the joker card and wild cards actually carry zero points but they are important sometimes.

Learn All About Rummy Suits And Their Orders in Detail

  • What are the uses of these suits-

These suits, namely four, are based on the formation of sets and sequences. Do you know anything about sequence? Well, a sequence basically can be formed from three or more cards belonging to the same suit. Keep in mind that an impure sequence is formed from three or more cards from the same suit with a joker or wild card. Whenever you are declaring rummy, you need to have at least two sequences. These two sequences have to be formed by you and one of them should be pure and the other one impure.

  • Restrictions on forming pure sequence- 

Just remember that you have to form two sequences out of which one has to be pure. And to have a pure sequence, you cannot use the joker card or any other wild card in your sequence. But during the formation of the impure card, you can do the same.

  • Know more about the rules of the same suit-

A suit is a category in which the playing cards are kept but it has to be according to the symbols present on them. For example, there are four rummy suits, spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. Whenever you are forming sets, it is mandatory that you use cards from the same suit. Suppose, you are missing the required card, just use a joker card or a wild card. But in this way, you will only be able to form an impure sequence. For forming a pure sequence, you can’t use a joker card or any other wild card.


Rummy is a very popular game. It is important for a newcomer to go through the rulebook once, otherwise, there is no point in playing the game. The game is confused with gambling and betting and this notion is wrong. The game is based on skills as you may see. There are no instances of fraudulent actions. Learn more about suits, number cards, and face cards, learn how to use the joker.

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We hope we were able to provide you with accurate information. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy your gaming.

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