LOS ANGELES, CBSLA – Jim Hill spoke with USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn about the football team’s last game against UCLA, the upcoming game against the Oregon Ducks and head coach Clay Helton.

CSU Athletic Director Mike Bohn looks forward to a basketball game between the Utah Utes and CSU Utah Trojans. (Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Sportswire symbols via Getty Images)

With their second straight victory over UCLA on Saturday, the Trojans now stand 5-0 and hold the top position in the Pac-12 South Division. Hill asked Bohn what he thought of the game.

It was a great game, and I take my hat off to all the student athletes who participated in the game, as well as the coaches. When you think of 2020, it’s all about competition, energy, passion, productivity and teamwork. I’m just proud of our team and proud of UCLA and everyone for playing an incredible game, Bohn said.

When you think of all the obstacles our student-athletes encounter on both sides and across the country, it’s incredible evidence of their character, their love for the game, their affection for each other, and their willingness to be part of the history of this great competition.

The Trojans were originally scheduled to receive Washington in the Pac-12 championship game on Friday, but the Pac-12 decided to pull out the Huskies on Monday because of a series of positive COVID-19 student-athletes and the resulting isolation of more football students under contact-seeking protocols.

The Oregon Ducks were selected as the team with the second best record in the Northern Division under the Pac-12 Football Championship guidelines for the game against USC.

USC will participate in the Pac-12 championship on Friday at 5pm. PT will meet Oregon at @Lacolisei at FOX.#FightOn | #BeatTheDucks https://t.co/VMGDkPKcGg.

– USC Trojans (@USC_Athletics) 14 December 2020.

Mr. Bohn acknowledged the team’s hard work with this late announcement.

You know how it happened and how it could end in 2020. Oregon had two weeks to prepare and be ready for us, and we got ready for Washington five minutes ago. We all know the history of our two institutions on the football field, and it should be a great game, but I know that our players will be excited to go there and give it all at the Coliseum and play to the fullest.

Hill asked Bohn about head coach Clay Helton and what he did during the COWID pandemic.

Our coaches, our athletes and the coaching staff think about the coaches, the staff and the equipment in the facilities, and they all make great sacrifices to ensure that they can play football and fight in a close group, and as you said, to get up, to get through these games where there was doubt. At the very end of the game, at the very last second, and again they come together with a lot of confidence, pride and trust in each other, and I think it’s a great reflection of the culture Coach Helton and his team are building.

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