The NHL trade deadline is due to the Canadian government.

A source in the league confirmed Thursday to ESPN that the 14-day quarantine for NHL players traded by U.S. teams to Canadian teams will be reduced to seven days, with additional COVID-19 testing. This removes a barrier for North Division teams looking to cross the border to make trades before the trade deadline on the 12th. April to complete.

But that’s just one of many unusual influences on the trading market this season. Message:

  • A fixed $81.5 million salary cap that limits teams’ trade options if they don’t send money.
  • Selection expansion for the Seattle Kraken is on the horizon. There are more nuanced rules, but the basic requirements for teams : They must defend seven forwards, three defenders and one goalkeeper or eight skaters (forwards/defenders) and one goalkeeper.
  • The fact is that some teams are not inclined to overreact to what they see as an abnormal season with implications for the COWID.

With increasing business activity for 12. April, 3:00 p.m. AND deadline, here’s a roundup of rentals, investments and wild-card stars whose availability may swing this deadline.

All salary and contract information is from our friends at CapFriendly unless otherwise noted. Statistics are collected on sites like Natural Stat Trick, Hockey Reference and Evolving Hockey.

Location: Center | Wing | Defense
With term: Centre | Wing | Defence


Dude: 24 | Statistics : 31 GP | 3 G | 3 A | 6 P
Contract: $2.55 million AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection.

Bennett’s trade request was made public last month, with his agent saying the center needed a different environment. GM Brad Treliving responded to Calgary Sports Radio: We will determine if it will be Sam Bennett or someone else, what the setting will look like and when it will change. It will probably end earlier.

One hoped Darryl Sutter’s coach change could boost Bennett’s game. His ice time has increased. Unfortunately, the lack of offensive production in the regular season that he suffered from during his seven seasons with the Flames persisted.

Dude: 31 | Statistics : 31 GP | 3 G | 6 A | 9 P
Contract: $1.8 million per year, this summer UFA, no trade protection.

Glendening, 31, can play at all three positions and will give you about 15 minutes per game. But the reason people are interested in Luke Glendening is because of his skills in the face-off circle: He won 314 of 489 face-offs in 31 games, an incredible 64.2% success rate. It is associated with the fact that Canadians don’t feel good about face-offs (48%).

Dude: 28 | Statistics : 29 GP: 6 G: 6 A: 12 P
Contract: 3.75 million AAV, UVA in summer, no trade protection.

He is the most coveted center available because of his contract, his age (29) and his offensive potential. Still, Granlund’s average of 0.41 points per game is the lowest so far this season for rookies, despite an increase in ice time (19-for-27) and offensive zone starts (57%). It still makes sense for the Predators to put him on the money puck with only a 20% chance of making the playoffs. But maybe they want to keep him in the middle for the playoffs if they can’t get the value they want.

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Dude: 29 | Statistics : 29 GP | 3 G | 6 A | 9 P
Contract: $1.75 million per year, this summer UFA, no trade protection.

If the Predators want to move a center, Haula seems the most likely. He’s the worst player with an above-average point total (-4.5) and, with nine points in 29 games on the third line, hasn’t generated the part of the offense the team was hoping for. But he’s a veteran with a good contract and could probably be chosen as a midfielder.

Dude: 31 | Statistics : 32 GP: 2 G: 4 A: 6 P
Contract: $2.75 million per year, this summer UFA, no trade protection.

Nash’s value has increased this season, as the Nash Jackets’ top-six center has played well when brought into the lineup. While he didn’t lead the offense, his defense was a constant presence. If Columbus is in the running, the Blue Jackets could keep him as a versatile option at their top position. But Florida Panthers reporter George Richards recently suggested that Nash might be reunited with general manager Bill Zito in Sunrise, Fla.

Dude: 36 | Statistics : 31 GP | 3 G | 7 A | 10 P
Contract : AAV of $3.25 million. USA, UVA this summer, no trade list for 10 teams.

Staal did not choose to rot away in the mess that is the Sabres. The Sabres chose him in a trade for the 36-year-old in the offseason. His trade defense complicates things, but it’s hard to imagine Staal not going to a contender at the deadline. His 10 points on 31 and minus 20 are obviously bad, but Staal created some very dangerous opportunities for a team that plays too much on the perimeter. Carolina fans and the media are trying to bring the Hurricanes (and their brother Jordan) back into the conversation.

Dude: 31 | Statistics : 35 GP | 6 G | 2 A | 8 P
Contract: $4.375 million per year, UFA this summer, non-negotiable with 15 teams.

The Canucks have a 3.4% chance of making the playoffs, so let’s start selling. Sutter is a low center who wins faceoffs (55.5%) and occasionally scores goals. His lines are consistently on the negative side of possession compared to his teammates. His wage sacrifice is too high under the flat cap, and his trade protection limits the market.


Dude: 20 | Statistics : 14 GP | 2 G | 1 A | 3 P
Contract : 894,167 AAV, RFA in 2022, no trade protection.

In 2018, the Coyotes’ developmental pipeline was bolstered by a 5th round pick. The truck exploded. He has just seven points in 34 NHL games in his career and one goal in 12 AHL games this season. He’s only 20, but he’s under John Gull, and there’s no reason to think GM Bill Armstrong is married to Hayton as a cornerstone of the future, especially considering how poorly he’s doing.

Dude: 31 | Statistics : 30 GP | 9 G | 6 A | 15 P
Contract: $5.825 million AAV, UVA in 2024, no 10-team trade list.

With Ryan Getzlaf not interested in an opt-out clause to leave Anaheim, the Ducks will continue to try to move a big contract from their other veteran center. Enrique was released in February with no applicants. The Ducks can use up to 50% of the contract to get the actual value under the cap. He was their third top scorer (2.7) and leads the faceoff circle. Good player, but it’s a tough contract in these tough times.

Dude: 26 | Statistics : 32 GP | 5 G | 9 A | 14 P
Contract : AAV of $3.5 million. USA, UFA in 2023, without trade protection

The Leafs know what they have here in Kerfoot: about 14:36 of ice time per game, about 0.44 points per game on the season, and a disappointing inability to succeed in the faceoff circle. The theory is that Toronto will transfer Kerfoot if they find the right replacement for his spot on the roster. He is only 26 years old and has two years left on his contract.


Dude: 28 | Statistics : 21 GP | 7 G | 2 A | 9 P
Contract : 3.375M AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection.

His versatility in the lineup and relatively low cap space should make him a coveted asset for the Senators. He scored five goals in his first 10 games in Ottawa after the Hurricanes sent him there in February in exchange for Cedric Paquette and Alex Galchenyuk. The question is whether Ottawa will want to keep him after this season, and whether he would be interested in returning to the Senators if they traded him now.

Dude: 33 | Statistics : 33 GP | 5 G | 7 A | 12 P
Contract: $5.5 million per year, UFA this summer, non-trade list with 10 teams.

It’s funny: Foligno started his career in Ottawa and came to Columbus in 2012, but he’s definitely one of those players who would look weird in a different shirt. This is how synonymous the captain is with the Blue Jackets franchise.

But he’s 33 years old and has to compete against free agents. He also has incredible value for an opponent looking to bolster their bottom six with a strong defender who can strike out offensively and make the playoffs. But as the Blue Jackets approach the playoff bubble, will they hold up?

Dude: 24 | Statistics : 32 GP | 9 G | 16 A | 25 P
Contract : 775,000 AAV, RVA this summer, no trade protection.

It’s very simple: GM Bill Armstrong continues to develop the project. The Coyotes don’t have a first-round pick this season, as the NHL stripped them of that right as punishment for violating the previous rule about combined tests. Garland, 26, has scored 25 points in 32 games and can bring first-round picks and more to a franchise that is rebuilding. It’s no surprise to anyone that the Boston Bruins are rumored to be interested in Scituate’s hometown in Massachusetts.

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Dude: 28 | Statistics : 20 GP | 2 G | 3 A | 5 P
Contract : 4.5M AAV, UVA this summer, list of eight non-trade teams.

The best that can be said about Gusev is that his contract is expiring. Furthermore, his offensive production was negligible despite a huge jump in the offensive zone (64%), and he posted a goal-against average of minus-6.3, the Devils’ worst. The 28-year-old also enjoys commercial protection.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 31 GP | 2 G | 15 A | 17 P
Contract: $8 million per year, UVA this summer, no relocation clause.

Hall is one of the strongest game changers in the game. Hall said Thursday that he would certainly listen to trade options if GM Kevin Adams offered them. The Sabres would have to take a big chunk of his cap hit to make a trade with a solid return. What does that win look like for a player whose shares dropped as if a bunch of Reddit users got fed up with trading him? He has two goals (!) and 15 assists in 31 games. Firing rate of 2.7.

Many analysts point to a player whose level of focus and commitment is much higher than some of his teammates, and that’s a good thing. Ideal situation for Hall: left wing on the second line on a team like Colorado, Toronto, Boston or the New York Islanders. Could the Sabres offer him a bidding war between bidders for whom he would waive the exit clause?

Dude: 41 | Statistics : 31 GP: 1 G: 4 A: 5 P
Contract: $700,000 per year, UFA this summer, no trade protection.

Marleau told Kevin Kurz of The Athletic that he would be open to a trade at the deadline against a contender, similar to the trade that brought him to Pittsburgh last season. Of course, he’s a year older now (41) and his results this season won’t get teams knocking on general manager Doug Wilson’s door. He is 13 games behind Gordie Howe’s record for most games played.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 29 GP | 6 G | 9 A | 15 P
Contract : AAV in the amount of $4.65 million. USA, UVA this summer, list of eight teams that will not be traded

The Devils are fortunate to have two great young centers in Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes. In theory, it would be nice to have someone they could pass the puck to for seasons to come. So it’s no surprise that Palmieri, 30, could get a new contract in New Jersey.

But it’s also not extravagant to think that he can bring back a lot at the trade deadline to continue the Devils’ advance. His offensive numbers are a bit low this season, but he is coming off five consecutive seasons of 20 or more goals. A clear potential landing spot: Islanders. Palmieri, originally from Smithtown, New York, calls Barry Trotz Guy about his assignments.

Dude: 28 | Statistics : 33 GP: 6 G: 5 A: 11 P
Contract: 3.75 million AAV, UVA in summer, no trade protection.

He is currently out for four weeks with a lower body injury. GM Jim Benning has discussed extending the 28-year-old winger, who has played well in the Canucks’ top six with Bo Horvat. That seems to have been the intention, but Vancouver has listened to suggestions for a solid two-way push. An injury can complicate things.

Dude: 25 | Statistics : 29 GP | 11 G | 9 A | 20 P
Contract: $5.2 million per year, RFA this summer, no trade protection.

The 25-year-old, who can play either on the wing or in the middle, seems to be part of the solution in Buffalo, with three consecutive seasons of 20 goals and 20 points in his first 29 games this season. But the Sabres have more holes than the Swiss block, he’ll make an offer on his next long-term contract, and he’s coveted by multiple teams. Given his age and controlled asset status, he will make an impressive return considering he is an RFA and not a UFA this summer.

Dude: 33 | Statistics : 30 GP: 6 G: 7 A: 13 P
Contract: $1 million per year, UVA this summer, no trade protection.

Is it too much to ask to give Bobby Ryan a chance to play for the Stanley Cup? Ryan’s one-year contract showed me that he increased his points per game (.43) and points per game (2.30) from last season, while playing 15:44 per game. His cap number makes him very transferable if someone is willing to give him a chance.


Dude: 36 | Statistics : 30 GP | 14 G | 7 A | 21 P
Contract: US$5.875 million AAV, UVA in 2022, a non-commercial list of seven groups.

The Kings’ most interesting forward is Alex Jafallo, but there are signs that he will be extended by the Kings. Brown is in the penultimate season of his eight-year, $47 million contract and is enjoying a career renaissance at the age of 36, scoring 14 goals in 30 games. He’s a veteran leader they love to have around, but it’s hard to imagine his shares being as high as they are now. There is speculation that he could be Anders Lee’s replacement at the Isles.

Dude: 24 | Statistics : 21 GP | 3 G | 4 A | 7 P
Contract : AAV in the amount of $3.675 million. USA, UFA in 2022, with no trade protection.

A new trading deadline, a new twist in the rumours surrounding the 24-year-old winger. DeBrusk has struggled offensively this season and has been replaced by the Bruins from time to time and sometimes removed from the roster.

Of course, we understand that Jake is not where he should be: He admits it and takes responsibility. We have to do everything we can to put him in a position where he can succeed, and hard work is a big part of that, General Manager Don Sweeney said. So DeBrusk will probably only leave Boston as part of the package for a major commercial installation.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 27 GP: 9 G: 6 A: 15 P
Contract: 2 million AAV, UFA in 2022, no commercial protection.

It’s the perfect time to sell this versatile striker. Jarnrock has 15 points in 27 games and plays 15:34 per game. He’s at his peak (29) with a very portable contract that could be octopus bait. But it all depends on how the Predators see themselves this season and next.

Dude: 36 | Statistics : 29 GP | 3 G | 9 A | 12 P
Contract : 7,538,461 AAV, UFA in 2025 a comprehensive prevention clause.

This is not a good time for Paradise and the Wild. That month, he was suspended for the first time in his career and paid overtime. His ice time is fluctuating. He needs a change of scenery. But with his age (36) and trade protection, there won’t be a bidding war for Parise.

But given the Islanders’ close relationship with General Lou Lamoriello, who brought Parise from New Jersey last year, it’s worth involving him if these talks happen again. But he’s a year older and the salary cap is much flatter.

Dude: 27 | Statistics : 34 GP | 6 G | 15 A | 21 P
Contract : 3 789 444 AAV, UFA in 2022, excluding commercial protection.

Several general managers we interviewed said they were surprised Rakell was available. For a 27-year-old with such a low cap number and a high offensive ceiling – he’s the Ducks’ top scorer, scored 30 goals twice in his career – it’s rare that he’s available. But Anaheim needs to get to the next phase, and recruiting young recruits is one way to facilitate that. With this contract this season and next, the return will be quite high.

Dude: 24 | Statistics : 32 GP | 4 G | 0 A | 4 P
Contract : AAV 2.55M, RFA in 2022, no commercial protection.

Straight out of Vancouver after a disastrous offensive season. A deal with Anaheim seemed close – perhaps for Danton Heinen – but didn’t materialize. It was reported this week that a deal with the Panthers could be in the offing for Marcus Nutivaar. A change of scenery is needed here, both for the team and the player.


Dude: 33 | Statistics : 31 GP | 1 G | 8 A | 9 P
Contract : 2M AAV, UFA summer, five teams with no-trade clause.

Benn’s average time on the ice this season has dropped to 14:40 per game, and he has been more effective in that role in terms of ball possession and expected goals against (2.68 per 60 minutes). A good addition to the third pair and can play on either side.

Dude: 32 | Statistics : 22 GP | 0 G | 2 A | 2 P
Contract : 3,937,500 AAV, summer UFA, no commercial protection

Demers’ trade defense ended last season. The Panthers retain a salary cap hit of $562,500 this season, an increase of $4.5 million. This season he is a reserve, whose ice time has decreased by nearly three minutes per game (17:41). The 33-year-old has also been dropped from the squad. He was previously known as a fairly reliable two-way guard; he scored 13 points in his last 72 games.

Dude: 24 | Statistics : 31 GP | 5 G | 7 A | 12 P
Contract: $1.875 million per year, RFA in summer, no trade protection.

Dunn was on the hot seat at the beginning of the year, but the 24-year-old puckmaker has played more games on average (19:36) than in any previous season. He has played alongside Marco Scandella, Robert Bortuzzo, Colton Parayko and Justin Falk. Dunn has been valuable and effective this season; will he defend the Blues over Folk in the expansion draft?

Dude: 34 | Statistics : 36 GP | 0 G | 6 A | 6 P
Contract: 6 million AAV, summer UVA, exit clause.

There is speculation that Edler, 34, will give up a non-moving point for a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Although Edler seems to be less of an offensive force this season, averaging 0.17 points per game, you have to see the dramatic change in his usage: Edler starts only 23.33% of his assignments in the offensive zone.

Dude: 35 | Statistics : 33 GP | 1 G | 3 A | 4 P
Contract: 5.475 million AAV, summer UFA, no-trade clause for eight teams.

Goligoski, 35, is positioned as an Option B behind Mattias Ekholm for teams looking for a defender but unwilling to pay Mattias Ekholm’s price. Unlike the Predators’ quarterback, Goligoski has an expiring contract. He averages 22:27 per game and has always been good at what he does. Maybe another team can figure out how a player who has never been below 0.36 points per game is only scoring 0.12 points per game this season.

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Dude: 30 | Statistics : 19 GP | 0 G | 2 A | 2 P
Contract: $1.25 million AAV, UFA Summer, full movement clause.

Hamonic joins Benn and Edler as veteran Canucks defensemen who will play freely after this season. Unlike the other two, he has complete freedom of movement and a strong desire to play alone in Western Canada. So if the Winnipeg Jets can’t call…. and they can! — Hamonic hopes to stay in Vancouver. When we chose Vancouver, we saw it as a long-term situation where we wanted to be for my career and my family. I loved every second of it, and I was fine with it, he said recently.

Dude: 30 | Statistics : 29 GP | 0 G | 2 A | 2 P
Contract: $1.15 million per year, UFA in summer, no trade protection.

Another defensive option, Kulikov, 30, plays left wing and is averaging 19:27 per game. His calling card is the penalty kill, but the 31st. The Devils’ second-place finish this season doesn’t really fit into that mold.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 27 GP | 0 G | 4 A | 4 P
Contract : 925,000 AAV, UFA summer, no commercial protection.

Merrill, a bargain for some thrifty buyers, was probably the Red Wings’ best defender this season. He averages over 19 minutes per game and is their best defender in terms of 5-on-5 completion percentage (46.25%, on a terrible team).

Dude: 26 | Statistics : 29 GP | 1 G | 8 A | 9 P
Contract: $3,850 million per year, UFA in summer, no trade protection.

Montour is Buffalo’s best defender this season, and not just by accident. He has a better field goal percentage than his teammates (47.96) and is averaging 20:47 per game. His offensive performance is on par with last season. This is a surrender. A 26 year old blue player who can play on both sides should be there.

Dude: 27 | Statistics : 22 GP | 0 G | 4 A | 4 P
Contract: $3.850 million AAV, summer UVA, no trade protection.

The defender averaged 18:16 of playing time, but fell short of his teammates in terms of expected field goal percentage (44.68). His package salary may be a bit high given his season, but the 27-year-old could be worth something.

Dude: 30 | Statistics : 32 GP | 0 G | 5 A | 5 P
Contract: $4.25 million per year, UFA in summer, no trade protection.

The 30-year-old right-hander is experiencing an atypical year with a minus-12 record and his lowest average ice time in three years (19:40). But this is a defender on an expiring contract, which means he has value on the market; the Blue Jackets would do well to maximize it.

Dude: 34 | Statistics : 33 GP | 2 G | 4 A | 6 P
Contract: 5.7 million AAV, summer UVA, non-displacement clause

The 34-year-old played an average of 18:14 minutes per game, including penalty kicks. He has 107 playoff games to his name, which is certainly attractive to opponents. The Red Wings will have to save some cap hit to get a good return, and he has control of the next target.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 20 GP: 2 G: 3 A: 5 P
Contract: 2 million AAV, summer UFA, no trade protection.

Vatanen probably feels like the trade deadline is Groundhog Day after he traded the Devils to the Hurricanes last season. The 29-year-old could be on his way up, even if his numbers are low.


Dude: 25 | Statistics : 6 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P
Contract : 3.725M AAV, RFA in 2022, no trade protection.

It’s entirely possible that general manager Jeff Gorton will just let DeAngelo sit out the season until the summer, when he will either join the Seattle Kraken or be bought out for the final year of his contract. But if a team thinks they can handle a lot of ballast and desperately needs a defender who can control the power play, that’s a small price to pay.

Dude: 26 | Statistics : 26 GP | 5 G | 6 A | 11 P
Contract: 6 million AAV, UFA in 2023, no commercial protection.

Dumba is commercially protected this summer. The Wild are in a tough spot in the expansion draft, they have to defend Jonas Brodin, Jared Spurgeon and Ryan Suter, who do not have an opt-out clause. But Dumba plays 22:09 per game, has been one of the team’s best defenders this season (58.62 field goal percentage) and is only 26 years old. If he’s not part of a major package for a major player, you can imagine him staying under the Wild contract for the rest of the season.

Dude: 30 | Statistics : 26 GP | 5 G | 9 A | 14 P
Contract : AAV of $3.75 million. US, UFA in 2022, no trade protection.

A good ball from the defender trade deadline. The 30-year-old has been a terrific two-way defender for the Predators in recent seasons: He played about 23 minutes per game, helped drive and averaged over 0.50 points per game in his best seasons. He’s a complete player whose star would shine even brighter if it weren’t for Norris Cup winner Roman Josi and Ryan Ellis, an analyst favorite.

If the Predators decide to trade him, expect a package similar to what the Kings got for Jake Muzzin in 2019: a first-round pick, a blue-chipper and another prospect. In other words, a first-rate player and a player of NHL caliber. Teams have been lining up to get Ekholm for weeks if the Predators trade him.

– Who will be the best choice this summer?
– Early ranking of the top 32
prospects – The impact of COVID-19 on ranking.

Dude: 29 | Statistics : 8 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P
Contract: $4.1 million per year, UFA in 2022, 12-team no-trade list.

The 29-year-old guard has shown in recent seasons that his 37-point performance in 2017-18 was an anomaly. He can be a solid defender without a playmaker, but he has needed a change of scenery in recent years. He’s back from injury and has a lot of value if GM Bob Murray wants to sell him…. and if Murray’s asking price is not unreasonably high.

Dude: 28 | Statistics : 29 GP | 3 G | 3 A | 6 P
Contract : AAV in the amount of $4.1 million. USA, UFA in 2022, 12-team no-trade list.

Like almost everyone else on the Sabres, Miller has disappointed this season, with a minus-18 record. The 28-year-old man needs to cool down. In two campaigns with the Golden Knights, he averaged 0.48 points per game; in 80 games with Buffalo, he averaged 0.21 points per game. Miller could be a very good piece on anyone’s blue line, but the extra contract year with the upcoming expansion draft could be a problem – but not for Buffalo, which will surely expose him to the Octopus.


Dude: 32 | Statistics : 17 GP | 8-6-0 | 0.918 SV% | 2.78 GAA
Contract: $3 million AAV, UVA in summer, no trade protection.

Bernier, 32, entering his 13th season in the NHL, is on the radar of every team looking for goalie talent. He has made seven more saves on seven goals against this season than the Red Wings’ porous defense has averaged in 17 games. Let’s hope the recent leg injury doesn’t drag on.

Dude: 34 | Statistics : 16 GP | 3-8-2 | 0.899 SV% | 3.19 GAA
Contract : 3M AAV, UVA this summer, non-negotiable contract list with 10 teams.

Dubnyk said he would love to stay in San Jose to see what a regular season would be like in this beautiful place. But it was also reported that he would give up his trade defense to play for a rival. Dubnyk played well in March (907 saves) and could be interesting as his contract expires.

Dude: 30 | Statistics : 18 GP | 7-7-2 | 0.914 SV% | 2.41 GAA
Contract: $4.5 million per year, UFA in 2022, no trade protection.

The Coyotes’ goalies have been injured this season. Antti Raanta appeared on many boards at the deadline, but how many teams will prepare for Antti when he has been injury prone the past three seasons? Kemper hasn’t been much healthier, but he should be back before the trade deadline. He’s also a top goalie who had an incredible run in the post season.

The Coyotes desperately need a first-round pick this season; Kuemper won’t budge until the first (and more) are back in the desert.

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Dude: 26 | Statistics : 12 GP | 5-3-2 | 0.912 SV% | 2.91 GAA
Contract: 4 million AAV, UFA in 2022, no trade protection.

Jonas Korpisalo and Merzlikins are under contract for next season. If a second deal doesn’t go through, there’s a chance one of them ends up in Seattle’s expansion draft. It could have been Korpisalo instead of Elvis, but we’re guessing the Jackets don’t want a goalie with a higher cap hit – even if he has more potential. The most important thing to know about Columbus: Daniel Tarasov has the future in his sights for the 21-year-old.

Dude: 35 | Statistics : 14 GP | 6-6-2 | 0.898 SV% | 2.91 GAA
Contract: $5.8 million per year, UFA in 2023, no trade protection.

The 35-year-old goalkeeper has not played a significant season since 2017-18 and has barely made one appearance as a substitute this season. But goalies with two Stanley Cup rings and a Conn Smythe aren’t exactly common, and Quick has gained some traction on the trade market as the end of his 10-year contract approaches.

Dude: 28 | Statistics : 12 GP | 3-6-1 | 0.908 SV% | 2.86 GAA
Contract: $2.75 million per year, UFA in summer, no trade protection.

With few available goalies with expiring contracts, the Flames will have a hard time selling Big Dave’s savior to teams like the Washington Capitals. In 12 games this season, he has a .908 save percentage for Calgary, which has Louis Domingue on its taxi team and is ready to move up if the deal goes through.

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