Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here, and my boy, she does not live up to all the high expectations, and the hype that has arisen for this serious delay does not lose people’s interest. Even without the added responsibility of surpassing the success of the first film, it still seems to be a hushed melodrama full of potholes, as Patty Jenkins has literally thrown caution into the wind on not one but several points of the plot. During the war of 1984 things happened for them, and there is no reasonable logic to support their existence.

(The following article contains the main spoilers of Wonder Woman 1984, so we advise you to consult it as soon as possible, so you can follow it and see how the big part doesn’t make sense).

POWERFUL : Wonder Woman 1984 wins the Christmas weekend at the box office with a worldwide launch of 85 million dollars.

And for those of you who’ve seen Jenkins make one inconsistent conspiracy decision after another for two hours and 30 minutes, let’s begin:

Probably no one was ever photographed in 1984

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After the appearance of the annual Amazon game, we see Wonder Woman swinging from place to place in a shopping mall in 1984 to arrest four stupid and narrow-minded criminals. The location of the robbery itself is unfortunate…. I’m not going back! So, hey, I’m gonna hold this guy by the railing and almost shoot him, which could put me in jail, and that’s murder. However, Diana intervenes with her lasso of truth to save the girl, after which she destroys the cameras as if she would magically erase the images already recorded.

After welding the thieves a few times and beating them against the railing, she continues to wink at the little girl and put her finger on her lips, indicating that her rescue is a big secret, as if countless people in the mall are blind or do not have a so-called camera. In fact, Diana made a sign by helping people and preventing crime very public, it is hard to digest that no one has ever taken a picture of her. It’s not like there weren’t any handheld cameras in 1984.

Since Diana hasn’t changed the look of her alter ego (not even the trope Jenkins made with Barbara) and is living a normal life this time, it’s hard to understand why her cover hasn’t been uncovered like never before.

Wonder Woman 1984 cancels the Justice League

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In Justice League, after Diana advised Bruce to move on and stop grieving for his dead parents, Bruce fought back and reminded her that you had run away for a hundred years because your girlfriend was dead! For example, the Justice League events will take place in 2016 and Wonder Woman 2 in 1984 – the calculations do not stand up. Either you get away with beating people up for years, or 100 years is an exaggeration, because Diana is very busy with her morning parodies during the 1984 war.

There is also a part where Diana learns to fly in the film, but it was never shown in Justice League. Either she was tired of stealing, or Jenkins wasn’t really interested in maintaining continuity.

The strangest four days in the world.

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After Steve miraculously flew his first fighter plane in 1918 with the knowledge of airplanes and Diana made him invisible, they watch fireworks in the sky. Van Jenkins – I know – why Diane Steve says it’s the fourth. It’s July. But a few minutes before this scene Barbara fed the homeless man and told him to keep warm. Warming up in July, is that how it is in Washington? But it’s not just that. There are literally people walking around in fur coats and furs. The logical choice would have been to say it’s New Year’s Eve, which would have been fine with the cold and wintery clothes, but as with countless other moments in the film, the lazy script takes over.

Why did Barbara run away?

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While we were already in shock about the way heroin had been arranged in history, the first descent into absolute evil, ahem, was rather bumpy. All this was left where she brutally attacked the man who had tried to attack her before and who attacked her again. She almost beats him to death, and this moment, which has more to do with protecting herself from her rapist, is staged as a sign of her loss of humanity. But our question is, why did she leave the museum in the first place?

Let’s go back a bit – a few minutes before the above scenario happened, Barbara was investigating the origin of the Dreamstone and for some reason she looked rather upset when looking at some of the slides. After hiring a colleague who is just one of many intrigued by the improved Barbara, she runs through the streets before hitting the intruder and giving him a good slap.

What did she find when she explored the stone in a way that tickled her deeply before she even saw the man? When she tells Diana about her findings the next day, you’d think she’s hiding something important. But no, there is no great revelation from them about the mystical object in the film. What really happened was that she looked at the slides, decided to clean herself up and run. Oh, uh… okay.

Steve walks around in another person’s body

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Stone dumped Steve’s body on the next best man he could find, although he made the infinite wall appear out of nowhere, and Diana, who was very fond of him, saw the face of her dead lover, not that of the stranger. Everything is honest in love, and Diane doesn’t care that Steve has taken over the body of an innocent man who probably has a life of his own. In fact, this subject is never really covered in the film, because Diana is too slippery to talk about it.

In an attempt to make it sound cheesier, the story ends by portraying this man as a model instead of a real person. Steve spends days, even weeks, with Diana trying to get hold of Maxwell Lord, and no one – friends, family or maybe the man’s girlfriend – asks him where he is. It was a matter of getting Chris Pine into the sequel, and apparently it was too painful to give a stranger a short story or make Diana understand how wrong she was to let her boyfriend rule over another living human life (which he continued to endanger).

Why was Diana wearing gold armour at all?

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When she gave up her wish, her powers were 100%, and she had no idea that Barbara had improved her wish – she didn’t know she would need protection from the deadly claws of the cheetah. But she went back to get the armor instead of making a noose for Maxwell. She must have thought: Oh, let’s go back to my apartment, let’s take the golden armor, for no logical reason other than laying down the wings in style while Maxwell Lord literally destroys the world!

Some would say she wore it to protect herself from the heavy fire to which she was exposed when she arrived, but she endured much worse during World War I without the bulletproof vest. So the fear of a small shot is not a good reason. But the shielding only slowed it down, which was painfully obvious. Moreover, the armor had lasted for thousands of years, even after hordes of angry people had fallen on it, and yet it broke quite easily. It seems that it has been added to give the trailer a full Ooooh! look since the movie hardly looks like a cameo.

While Patty Jenkins has explained why the bad guys of World War II are the way they are, the reasons for their disorganized and chaotic plot decisions would require a mini-documentary for the film. Wonder Woman 1984 is currently aired on HBO Max.

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