Wearing a Hat Takes Some Essential Know-How – The Crucial Hat Etiquettes to Count on

In all the years that have passed by, society has placed ample relevance on etiquette. It includes a wide range of things, right from getting dressed, visiting a person or having a meal. You will always find that there is a correct and incorrect way to going about things. When you want to get things done correctly, it is seen as respectable. However, when you get things done incorrectly, it might make you appear in the wrong place or add a tad bit of embarrassment as well.

Today, most people follow the philosophy of “live and let live”. And while that’s good, there’s still a few things about which you need to be careful about and follow some old-world etiquette in your daily life. Managing and wearing your headgear is something you need to give credence to a certain set of rules and regulations. Whether you are opting in for western hats for men or any other hat style, abiding by some rules and regulations will never hurt. In this article, we will discuss some essential rules and regulations about wearing a hat.

An overview of the history of hat mannerisms

Today, most people wear a hat because of stylistic or practical reasons. If you go back a few decades ago, you will notice that wearing a hat was something compulsory. Hardly, any man left their house without wearing a hat. Also, the act of removing a hat was looked upon as a sign of respect. It is why men were expected to remove their hats on certain occasions.

The rules of hat wearing differ for men and women. But most women and men wore hat for practical reasons. In certain times, wearing a hat was looked upon as a sign of belonging to a certain privileged part of the society. It used to denote class and social standing. Even today, the hat-wearing rules are different for men and women, even though there have been minimal changes in both.

The rules for wearing a hat for men

Men need to follow the rules of wearing a hat. It is essential to take note of the reasons that made men wear the hat and take it off on certain occasions. Once you are aware of these, you can get better equipped and adhere to the hat wearing etiquettes without making any mistakes.

When should you wear your hat?

  • Outdoors

It’s a fact that a hat can shield you from the harsh elements, like sun and run. Hence, it makes perfect sense to wear your hat outside. It comprises wearing your hat when you head for a walk or want to get involved in any outdoor activities, such as hiking or playing golf. Even if you are watching an outdoor game or event, you can still wear your hat. If you are going to a stadium, it’s essential that you wear a hat to keep your head protected from the harsh sun rays.

  • Public places indoors

Almost all of us know that it’s good manners to take off the hat when you are heading into a building. It’s a rule that men should follow. But you should also know about the situations where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a hat inside a public place. It is generally in places such as:

  • A restaurant or bar
  • A theatre or hotel lobby
  • A corridor or hallway
  • An entryway or house’s foyer
  • A reception space

Even a store gets considered as a public place. But it is always considered as a sign of respect to remove your hat when a salesperson is assisting you.

  • In Transit

During early days, the transit usually indicates being anywhere outside, such as driving a carriage or riding a horse. It could mean when you are traveling by an airplane, train, car, or bus. Hence, any kind of transit means to be a good time for wearing a hat.

When should you remove the hat?

  • While walking into an office or home

Once you have walked into a person’s private space, you happen to be a guest. Hence, it’s essential to take off your hat, because it shows that you respect the host. Additionally, there are a few non-conventional private places where you need to remove the hat as you walk in, such as theatres, elevators, and cubicles.

  • At a patriotic event

Have you ever been to a sporting event? If yes, then you must have heard the announcer asking people to take off their hat while the national anthem was going on. According to the Flag Code, it is essential to remove the hat when the flag passes. It also comprises of the parades.

  • When you are at the dinner table

While the bars and restaurants are known as the indoor public spaces, it’s true till the time you are the table. Irrespective of whether you are in a person’s home or at public, you need to take your hat off as you sit for dinner. However, the only probable exception is when you are eating in an outdoor restaurant or are at a picnic. Here you can decide for yourself and remove your hat or keep it on.

The hat tipping

You will find it rare to come across a person who ends up tipping the hat today! But if you want to abide by the rules of being an old-world gentleman, it is helpful to learn when you should tip the hat. You should tip the hat when:

  • You are greeting friends
  • You are getting introduced to another person
  • You are acknowledging someone new
  • You are apologizing for running into someone
  • You are expressing thank you for a favor

If you have come across a person who is important and eminent, it’s considered good to take off the hat completely.

Times have changed. And people always add-in their bit to the act of wearing or removing the hat. However, the old-world rules and wearing a hat always remain the same. Knowing these regulations will make you a smarter person and it will help you to stay well prepared for any occasion where you intend to use your hat as an accessory.

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