The DCEU has another superhuman movie: Hourman. On the 18th. In March, on the same day that Zack Synder’s Justice League came out on HBO Max, Warner Bros. announced the upcoming Hourman film, which will be the latest elemental to be added to the DC Extended Universe’s development slate, following James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and Manuel Soto’s Blue Beetle Angel.

Warner Bros wanted Hurman for a while

Many DC films are scheduled for future releases; Suicide Squad is the only upcoming film with a 2021 release date. Either way, fans shouldn’t be put off by the modest number of releases in 2021: Over the next two years, DC will offer films with seven elements, including spin-offs of Shazam! Additionally, Aquaman, along with many other films, is in various stages of development as the DCEU continues to evolve.

Hourman will bring an interesting Golden Age legend to the big screen, alongside several films like Blue Beetle that will introduce new characters and expand the DCEU. Here we reflect on the beginning and end of Hourman DC, including predictions, twists, and release dates.

Detail of Hurman’s history

This new announcement is not the first attempt by Warner Bros. to create a property around the character. In 2013, they created a CW show for Hourman that would have seen him in the Arrowverse at The Flash, but the show flopped along the way. However, that didn’t stop Warner Bros. from bringing the character into a DC television series, as Hourman was featured in Star Girl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. These are all different interpretations of the character in the Arrowverse multiverse, but each had important work to do. This suggests that Warner Bros. is determined to bring Hurman to the screen – and that the character has a lot to offer the DCEU.

Hourman was introduced in Adventure Comics #48 in the 1940s. Hourman is the superhuman pseudonym of Rex Tyler, the physicist who incidentally created the drug Miraclo, which gave him superpowers exactly one hour after he used it. Rex Tyler was an authority on the American Justice Society and fought regularly. He has adjusted to his duties as a legend and father of his child, Rick Tyler, who could eventually replace Hurman himself. There was also a mechanical interpretation of the character, Matthew Tyler’s android, from a later era. Hourman’s accent probably sucks for Rex Tyler, given his importance to the Saints’ forces and the on-screen reference point of his former accent is a form of Rex.

HourmanCast and Crew Detail

The only names currently attached to Hurman are songwriting duo Gavin James and Neil Widener. The duo worked on the content of You See Me 3 and on the film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s epic Micro. This is not the composers’ first collaboration with Warner Bros. as they were recently recruited to write the screenplay for Hot Wheels.

Hourman Release Details

For now, no release date has been announced for Hurman. Given the release dates of future DC movies, there’s no chance of a movie being made in the next two years. The only film in the DCEU scheduled for release in 2023 is Shazam! So it’s conceivable that the film could be made in late 2023, but 2024 is almost a safe alternative.

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frequently asked questions

What will the next DC superhero movie be?

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Is the DCEU a reboot?

Turn the entire DCEU into two separate universities. In the near future, however, things will deviate completely from the established canon, and Batman will be placed in his own universe, according to reports. … And this could be just the beginning of a major rebuild of the entire franchise in the future.

Will Justice League 2 be released?

ZACK SNYDER CONFIRMS THERE IS NO SEQUENCING FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE Still, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a bit of a superhero oddity. Ben Affleck will not reprise the role of Batman (Robert Pattinson) next year, Warner Bros. will reboot Superman without Henry Cavill, and Ray Fisher will take on the role of Cyborg.

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