Dr. Borenstein informs the County Board about the receipt of the first doses of thevaccine.

SAN Luis OBISPO – The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday the 15th. In December, the resolution was adopted unanimously for the second year in a row, with the government of Gavin Newsom receiving another letter asking to be removed from the Southern California region because of the new COWID-19 Home Rule.

Intensive care use in Southern California already fell below 15% on December 4, so that by December 6. In December a new strict stay in a house was introduced. The order is valid for three weeks.

The eighth. In December, the regulators approved a letter to the state requesting withdrawal from the SoCal region.

On the 7th. In December, Dr. Penny Borenstein, the health official of the province of San Luis Obispo, and her colleagues in the provinces of Santa Barbara and Ventura made the same request in a letter to the state.

At COWID-19, the Council also voted 3-2, with County Supervisor 2 Bruce Gibson and County Supervisor 3 Ortiz-Legg voting no, to adopt the resolution on healthy communities.

The only significant difference between this letter and the letter from the 8. In December there was also MP Jordan Cunningham (R-35th district), who was very critical of the governor’s handling of the pandemic.

The leaders have resigned themselves to the fact that the letters are likely to fall on deaf ears.

It’s a shame we don’t have an answer, says Chairman Lynn Compton, District 4 Supervisor. I’m not sure if we’ve ever received a response from the (state) health service or the governor to any of the letters we’ve sent so far. I’m skeptical about the possibility of getting an answer, but I think we should. Our constituents want us to protect them.

SLO County wants to be removed from the Southern California region, where about 23 million people live, and placed in an area adjacent to the counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura, where about 1.2 million people live.

On the basis of the most recent critical care data she has seen in the proposed Tri-County area, Dr Borenstein stated that their capacity is just under 30% and that the capacity of the county’s SLAs is 34%.

SLO County health officials said Monday that 29 people have been admitted for VIDOC-19, including eight in intensive care – two record numbers for the county since the pandemic began almost 10 months ago.

Government. Gavin Newsom announced on the 3rd. December to a regional house arrest in the middle of a peak in COWID-19 cases across the state, including SLO County.

The new regulation prohibits private meetings of any size. The main activities, such as grocery stores, must have an occupancy rate of 20%. Bars, wine cellars, lounges and restaurants should be closed and hotels should only be opened to support essential infrastructure.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the OLS County Board of Supervisors, both as a group and individually, has asked for a degree of autonomy for the county to deal with the public health crisis that led to the closure and reopening of the roller coaster.

The economic consequences of the government’s attempts to slow down the spread and reduce the impact on health care have led to record unemployment and companies struggling to survive.

The supervisor of the first district, John Peschong, said he had sent numerous letters to the governor and the state health service and had received no response.

I’m just very, very upset, Mr. Peschong said. I didn’t have a coherent strategy, and that was the hardest part. And that’s the hardest thing about people. It’s just very, very frustrating right now because the people in my community are suffering.

Peschong said he is ready to see if the city council is ready to do what Paso Robles’ city council did on Thursday 10. December, has created, and supports its stores that operate under Purple Taurus policy that most stores open on a limited basis.

A day later, the city of Paso Robles made its position clear.

The city council also acknowledges that the repeal of the regulation on housing occupation and the division of the city into purple or red are not decisions that can be taken by the city council; only the state can do so for the time being, according to Paso Robles city councils in a press release of 11. December. The city wants all businesses and individuals in the city to be aware that you are putting yourself or your business at risk if you ignore government levels regarding home visits.

Some citizens requested the support of Paso Robles City Council and asked the inspectors to do the same, but the OLS County Board of Supervisors did not address the issue.

District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold was a strong supporter of the Healthy Communities Resolution and received broad support from Pashong and Compton for his brief passage. At the time of signing the agreement, the participating countries agreed that their country is best placed to respond to the virus at a local level, that their country is geographically diverse and is not suitable for a single state project to create a safer economy.

M. Gibson said the resolution, prompted by the counties of Northern California, was a political act that frankly did not help SLO County. The resolution, like the letters and actions of the municipality of Paso Robles, has no authority.

Dr. Borenstein was pleased to announce that SLO County has received the first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and expects to have the first doses on hand within the next 1-2 days.

The provincial health service has received 1,950 doses, which will be distributed to local health workers. Long-term care institutions should have received their first doses by the end of the month.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I am pleased to announce that as I walked through the door today, I was told that our vaccine had arrived in this district, said Mr. Borenstein.


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