Tfue Reveals Why He Quit Playing Fortnite

Clan Faze

Not so long ago, it wouldn’t be surprising if Fortnite and former FaZe clan professional Turner Tfue Tenney were at the top of the Twitch catalog.

You can still see it there, but it won’t be in the next two weeks, but in the Call to Duty: Varzona. Tfue is considered one of the founders of the Fortnite competition, and no one can say what influence he has had on the largest number of players in the game.

His biggest success will probably be world champion in 2019, although he was unable to leave with the top prize.

He quit the game now, but never really talked about his decision. The 26th. In October Tfuye jumped on the Brand Risk podcast and explained the reason for his departure from the Fourteen Days Marches.

Tfu explains why he left Fortnit.

The Man Behind Tfue – Turner Tenney | Brand Risk Podcast #25 Find Tfue in his social networks: ❤ ‘RE NOW ON SPOTIFY – CLICK FOR FULL EPISOD❤️ Podcast Socials: ️WE Risk Podcast hosts : Arabic – Quick –

It’s not uncommon for characters to become restless when they change games, because even Tfuet has made a few jumps.

Many will forget that he started as a Streamer of Destiny before he went to the Battle Kings. Although Tfue Fortnite’s surname is Tfue Fortnite, she moved to Warzone, and although he lost part of his regular audience, he was able to continue to support himself. That’s how he explains the decision.

Two years to make hands in the ’90s was too long, he said, referring to the length of his game. I had to flavor it and play other things.

He also keeps saying that in the end he felt like he was still playing the game because he felt he had to.

I got to the point where the only reason I played was for the audience and my career, he said. I just stopped caring and felt like milking the Fortnit, whatever the price was, because I exploded at the top.

(Conversation begins at 2:12 a.m.)

The whole podcast is worth watching if you’re a fan of Tfue, if it explores different topics outside of Fortnite.

Is he ever coming back?

Epic Games / TfueTfue can come back one day.

Considering how much time Tfue spent learning and mastering Fortnite, it’s hard to imagine that the door will be closed forever.

He teased his way back with his original partner Duos Cloac, so never say never. We may need another World Cup, but given his success, we are confident he will be back in shape as soon as possible.

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