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Jack and Shaul run Bubble Seth.

Considering how crazy the year 2020 has been, Hallmark fans yearn for the escape and peace that the Hallmark Christmas movies offer even more than this year. And Hallmark’s answering the phone. The owners of Hallmark’s hit podcast, Bubbly Sesh, talked to Heavy about Hallmark’s plans for this season and why fans will notice that the latest films have been particularly well received this year.

Jacqueline Jax Collier and Shalini Shawl Manjunat-Holbrook will host the Hallmark Bubble Seth podcast. Jack and Shawl told Heavy that this season Hallmark will not only have the same number of new films as in the past, but the plots will be deeper, the music even more beautiful and the actors will have the variety that fans expect.

This season you will see the sublime.’s-Official-Podcast-Bubbly-Sesh-Dishes-on-2020-Interview.jpg

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This season you’ll see everything that’s sublime: actors, new family members, stories… Shawl Heavy said. Not only did they make films, but they even rewound them from the last seasons. That’s amazing.

Shawl said that one of the things she’s really looking forward to this season is the diversity of the team.

Diversity in our family is increasing, (including) the bride Jingle Bell, who marks the beginning of Christmas countdown, she said. I’m in an interracial relationship, so I’d like to see that love and this case come back… I like that there will be a wide variety of Christmas movies. We have an LGBTQ story in the Christmas house starring Jonathan Bennet, that’s wonderful.

Jax added that the family element of the Christmas house makes the diversity of the film even more beautiful.

It’s also exciting because the child in this film is the real son of co-star John Bennett Brad Harder, Jax said. Not only do you see how this wonderful story unfolds, but Shawl and I always say that Hallmark is the heart of the family, so it’s really special to have a father and son working on this project.

Scenarios will include themes that fans can really get to know, including more complex themes this season.

They’re not afraid to have films that are still pathetic, heartbreaking and beautiful, like everything we want, but they flirt with real issues we can resonate with, Shawl said. Holly and Ivy, we need to talk to Janel Parrish in a wonderful podcast interview. His character has just come out of foster care and is starting a new life. She told us it’s really a story about… the dream of a family and the communication with the neighbors and their children. So there are a lot of things beyond romance.

You can listen to the interview in podcast below.

Many of the favorites are coming back this season. We see the new episode of the Christmas in Evergreen series, and Holly Robinson Pete will be in her own movie Christmas Doctor. We can see Lacey Chabert in two films this year. Of course, well-known favourites such as the annual Christmas film Candice Cameron Bure and films with royal themes return. This season there’s something special for everyone.

This season’s improved music’s-Official-Podcast-Bubbly-Sesh-Dishes-on-2020-Interview.jpg

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The music is another part of the Hallmark films that is truly sublime this season, the duo Bubbly Sesh shared with Heavy. Some films, including One Royal Holiday, will have a lot of Broadway talent.

I think the music in these movies will be better this season, Shawl said. Music is pretty much everything to me at Christmas. Whether it’s a poppy song or a classical piece I hear, it really sets the tone. There’s a lot of music in movies this season.

For Christmas in Vienna Sarah Drew and composer Natalie Bonin, violinist, composed the music for the film. Bonin and Drew talked to Bubble Network about their experiences with filming behind the scenes.

We heard a real BTS sensation when Sarah and Natalie talked about how Natalie had to show Sarah the most effective way to play the wrong violin and Sarah’s dedication to this incredible cause, Jax said with a smile. They seem to have been very close in this process.

It was a very good interview, and you can see how much energy they had, Shawl thought. Sarah is so transparent about what it took to prepare for this role.

You can listen to the interview below.

This season there will be great music in many Hallmark movies. One of them is the Christmas Castle with Merritt Patterson and Luke McFarlan, where Patterson portrays the world famous pianist. And then at Christmas Bau, lead actress Lucia Micarelli plays the violin in a very professional way. There’s also a Christmas tree with Alicia Witt…

Music is such an important part of the Christmas season and Hallmark has a great opportunity to get us there with all these movies, Jax said. Especially now that we can’t travel anymore… We really – thanks to these films – go to different places in a foreign country like Vienna and get these impressions. What a wonderful way to escape!

Another film with a high musical content that fans will love is Nashville Christmas Carol with Wes Brown and Jesse Scar.

There’s definitely music going on in there, Shawl said, “and I’m a big fan of country music.

Jesse Scar recently starred in Country at Heart, a film dedicated to the autumn theme of country music.

Bubble Mesh has a full Christmas program for this season.

#FanFriday starts at 10:15 on our show! # #Tell us all your questions #CountdowntoChristmas & #MiraclesOfChristmas

– Podcast of the Bubble Mesh (@thebubblysesh) channel 30. October 2020.

This season, the Bubble Set will offer a full weekly review of each Christmas movie, as well as an interview. Actors who have acted in films take part in the summary and share funny moments behind the scenes.

We’ll have sessions where Shawl and I will talk about the movie because we love it and that’s how it started, Jax said. But we will also have members of the Hallmark Channel family with us, some of whom will talk about the films in which they were made. (E) people from outside with whom we will communicate and rehearse to make the season really fun.

Yeah, that’s 40 counts for 40 movies! Podcasts are published every Monday for the films that are broadcasted over the weekend.

We’re gonna talk a lot, Jax said. I have a lot of coughs.

The hosts told Heavy that the podcast interviews in which the Hallmark actors talk about their own films will be especially fun because the audience behind the scenes will hear big moments. They will also spend Instagram Lives with fans to talk about what they like every Tuesday.

I think I’m literally more excited than ever this season, Shawl Heavy said. And I’m very excited about the Christmas countdown and the miracles of Christmas. But this season, I can’t say enough. I think it’s gonna be great.

This year’s Hallmark will be a tremendous source of comfort and communication for people, Jax added. We all really need it now.

Here you can listen to all Bubble Sash podcasts.

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