JetBlue Airways Corp.

is considering changing advertising agencies after more than a decade as part of efforts to revitalize marketing and reduce costs, the company said.

Our RFI agency will help us assess which resources can best respond to changing customer preferences and the new travel landscape as we emerge from this crisis, said JetBlue’s spokesperson in an email regarding an information request the company sent to the agencies last month.

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Many industries lost revenue during the pandemic, cut budgets, including marketing, and changed the tone of their advertising. The aviation industry in particular is struggling because many of its regular customers live close to home and travel far less frequently. Airlines offer special offers and promotions, including special 2-for-1 offers to try and get passengers back on the plane.

Southwest Airlines Co.

has launched a series of commercials that show the insufficient support of children in developing school projects at home and with a kicker Do you want to run away? We’re right behind you…

United Airlines Inc. has also recently published an announcement promoting its flexibility and the abolition of modification charges.

According to the Airline of America business group, the number of American airline passengers is 65% below the level of the previous year. The four largest U.S. airlines together lost around $11 billion in the third quarter.

According to market research agency Kantar, airlines spent $92 million on advertising in the United States in the first half of 2020, down 42 percent from the $159 million spent in the first half of 2019.

JetBlue is looking both for savings to mitigate the effects of a difficult year in the event of a pandemic, and a strategy that is attractive to customers who have fluctuated on their flights.

As JetBlue continues to seek to bring humanity into the aviation industry and find ways to get customers back on track, we need to modernize and refine JetBlue’s marketing model so that we can achieve JetBlue’s business objectives with holistic, effective and integrated solutions that are culturally (and where appropriate locally) sensitive, the company wrote in a document it sent to advertising agencies. And it’s no wonder that, given current travel conditions, the brand needs to find ways to get smarter on the market with a smaller budget.

Brand activism and a cheerful, unconventional brand identity really helped JetBlue stand out in the category, the company added in its document. In the course of time, however, the brand has lost some of its individuality and switched to unique tactics.

In 2013, JetBlue launched an advertising campaign with a frequent carrier pigeon that was disappointed in its customer service in the aviation industry. A new campaign followed in 2019 under the slogan Just doesn’t fly here, once again demonstrating that their service is better than that of the competition. The ad showed that the good fictional brothers do their best to make the flight uncomfortable, whether it’s using Skype or avoiding communication with customers.

JetBlue works with

Intergovernmental Group

Because, uh… The MullenLowe Group is 11 years old. The agency was invited to participate in the investigation, they said. He refused to say if he’d be there.

Prior to the pandemic, the marketing challenge for airlines was to cut customers off from their competitors’ loyalty programmes. Many focused on gadgets, such as large screens, ordering pre-flight meals, large beds and improved lighting, says Peter Knapp, president and creative director of the Landor & Fitch brand agency.

Now and in the aftermath of the pandemic, consumers will be attracted to aviation brands that they can trust and feel safe, partly because of measures such as cleaning systems that use ultraviolet light, he said.

It’s almost a time of boredom, boredom and trust, he said. People won’t be looking for innovation.

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