BTS has released two big albums this year (Picture: Big Hit).

Although world travel has been suspended this year, that hasn’t stopped the best and brightest K-pop stars from making solid comebacks in 2020.

From big hits like BTS and BLACKPINK to newer bands like Weeekly and veterans like BoA and Taemin, there’s something for everyone.

K-Pop fans are lucky to be able to enjoy a lot of industry content. Online concerts allow idols to connect with their followers around the world.

The year 2020 is coming to an end. We review the top 20 releases and rank them from super to fantastic.

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20. Super Junior – 2J2JAO

In January, K-pop legend Super Junior came back with a retro 2YA2YAO.

From the pun in the title of the song to the energetic and jumpy choir, SM Entertainment’s big show has clearly not slowed down over the years.

19. NCT dream – Déjà Vu

When Mark returned from NCT’s best division, there was concern that he might have grown too mature for NCT Dream.

Déjà Vu managed to combine the young and fresh sound of the band with a slight advantage; the second half of the chorus is too catchy to be left out.

18. Black PINK – What do you think of.

What do you think? It’s a rare sound, the most important sound is the electronic click. But it lets Jenny, Jis, Rose and especially Lisa through.

Look at you, look at me, they’re teasing me, before they demand to take out your boss in an inflated final. We love her.

17. Walking children – God’s Menu

After a series of references to food, he sees the band compare themselves to omnipotent beings in the music world.

Felix’s deep voice and Changbin’s gait are featured in this wild piece. Add it to your current playlist.

16. Wickley to Zig-Zag

Wickley’s recruits started Stripes. It’s fun, cute and especially memorable for a group of beginners. It may not be something you normally do, but you’ll see yourself singing in the shower, we can be sure of that. Keep an eye on the girls.

15. SuperM – Tiger in

With less noise, more voices and a club atmosphere in the style of Hundreds’ early days, Tiger Inside manages to do what the SuperM 100 title didn’t: make every member shine. SM Entertainment’s crossover group sounds and seems more coherent.

14. kinyatura – non Nu Nan Na

The newcomers debuted in February with this first single on Knopfdruck.

Nice to talk and sing, the Nu Nan Na nun should appreciate the simple, energetic and sweet color of joy.


Quite simply, DUN DUN is a riot with the best drops of the year.

I’ll overpower you in no time and leave you breathless, spitting Aisha in her confident tone. Mission accomplished!

12. Kai – 음.

Even though he is better known for his dancing than for his singing, this cold and seductive slow jam is like the voice of the EXO star. Kai doesn’t exaggerate, and he doesn’t have to. Chorus Mmm makes conversation.

11. Dreamcatcher – Cri

The Dreamcatcher’s accessories to stay on their musical path. This year they distinguished themselves with a fast, furious and grim scream, a song that no other band could do.

10. ITZY – replica

I don’t want to be somebody, I just want to be myself, let’s say ITCI, who came out with this number.

No two parts of Wannabe are the same – except for the choir – so attention is always retained, and there is a message of trust conveyed by the power choir. They’re just rocks.

9. TWICE – Can’t stop me

Maybe people need nostalgia more than ever, even when it comes to their music – as the reviews of recent albums by Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue show. This may partly explain why I Can’t Stop Me, a synth-pop roller coaster ride of the time, sounds so good.

8. Irene and Seulgi – Sample

Sexy and slightly creepy, Monster sounds as dangerous as his name.

The squeaky, clenched teeth contrast with the soft voices of Irene and Seulga, and what’s with all that whining? Creepy.

7. Taemin is a criminal

Taemin is always making a comeback, and this year he has given us a lonely and sensual outdoors dance, enhanced by his breathless voice.

6. BoA – better than

K-pop icon Boa gave birth to a piece of sensual old-school R’n’B and challenged her lover to intensify his play.

She celebrated 20 years in the K-pop business this year, and Better is the perfect way to celebrate; it’s the sound that has enabled her to stand the test of time.

5. MAMAMOO – Dingga

Only MAMAMOO is cool enough to make the expression drinking like a fish in a dazzling disco laugh with his teammates. And who could resist Hwasa’s call: Do you want to dance?

4. GOT7 – Blower

It’s the choir that gives you a deep breath. The sound that falls halfway is a sensible production choice, while the whistle goes over his head and refuses to move. Not that we want…

3. BTS – Black Swan

Launching their Map Of The Soul: 7 with a grainy pre-edition was risky after the heights of Boy With Luv, but it paid off. The result is a captivating mix of strings and traps, while the band thinks about what it means to be an artist.

2. GFRIEND – Apple

For some reason, Apple visited many people when it came out in July, a hidden gem of a summer BLACK POINT. Sweet and mysterious at the same time, it fascinates you from the beginning with its ’80s side.

1. NCT 127 – Boat

NCT 127 distinguished itself in a year in which the girls delivered slightly more bangers than the boys, which proves once again that this group is truly limitless and can adapt to any gender.

The martial arts concept, the guitar riffs clicking, Bruce Lee’s screams – everything about Kick It was pure fun.

Honorable mentions…

Baehyun – Candy

Hwa Sa – Maria

(G) -IDLE – Oh, my God,.

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