The Metro describes the Northeast, which stretches from the centre of Massachusetts to the north of Maine, as the winter season. Weather forecasts predict precipitation up to a meter of snow. A severe windstorm hit New England, with the possibility of heavy and wet snowfall in several places. It can develop in conditions close to the cleaning process and can affect travel. It can even end in a bombstorm, and the inhabitants have to take the necessary precautions. A bombardment cyclone is a phenomenon in which a certain pressure drop occurs over time, accompanied by precipitation and wind. In the suburbs of Boston you can expect to be dropped at the foot of the snow.

The coastline of Massachusetts can be hit by strong winds. This could mean that the situation worsens. Authorities have warned of gale warnings from Carolina, Maine. It is clear that the first hole of the Easter season that hits New England can paralyze life on the east coast.

The meteorologist from the National Weather Service, Michael Claire, said it was the first big one. Claire said it was the beginning of the winter season. He mentioned the snow in the mountains and added that it was the first snow in the area where most people live. He explains that the storm will start as rain, turn into snow and even get serious.

Easter weatherboard

The NWS National Weather Service in Boston exchanged information about Easter.

It shows the fusion of two sources of atmospheric energy. One comes from the Great Lakes, the other from the southeast. Their combined energy will cause a storm, and there could be problems at the top of the field. Weather recommendations indicate that the snow falls in different amounts, which can lead to travel problems and loss of visibility.

In addition to power failures, coastal areas will be damaged by trees, strander erosion and flooding. In the event of a power failure, renewable energy sources can be of great help. Today’s life depends on electricity, and climatic disturbances such as floods, typhoons and heavy snowfall can damage the energy supply infrastructure. Therefore, in areas where such incidents are more frequent, consideration could be given to maintaining provisions for alternative energy sources.

Easter is felt

The media warned people to avoid unnecessary travel because of the snow. This situation will further deteriorate, covering large areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Boston. The authorities point out that heavy snowfall will create dangerous conditions and endanger tourist traffic. The Daily Mail UK reports that the New England Electricity and Gas Supply Company has asked its teams to be ready in the event of a power outage. Heavy precipitation and high winds are expected for the southern areas, including the New York area. In March 2018 the construction on the east coast was threatened by rain and snow.

Difficult conditions after Easter

At Easter Nora left her treacherous circumstances behind, thousands of people had to deal with power cuts.

The climate disaster is shifting in the direction of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Residents were encouraged to stay in their homes. You have to be careful with low-voltage lines. Drivers should be careful with the utilities working on the roads to repair any damage in the cave and in the east. We must be aware that such situations pose a threat to life and property, and as long as the authorities are still alive to address these issues, people must play their part.

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