Amazon Prime has just released a trailer for The Wilds, a new series by Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris that combines the mystery of YA in LOST style – as described in detail in the official trailer summary : A group of teenage girls with different backgrounds must fight to survive the plane crash and take them to a desert island. They collide and grow towards each other, learning from each other, from the secrets they keep and from the trauma they have all experienced. There’s only one twist in this gripping drama… These girls haven’t accidentally landed on this island.

As you can see in the trailer, The Wilds really looks like a sequel to LOST. For the mystery of the uninhabited island is combined with the memories that explore the past and lives of these girls to create a great metaphor for what happens to teenage girls.

We are very excited to share this exciting and original vision with our global audience, said Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studio, at the announcement of the series. We are proud to be home to this authentic high-stakes show hosted by the talented Sarah Strings, Amy B. Harris and our partners at ABC Signature Studios.

Sarah Stricher teased the show with the words: Age is not for the weak in the heart. For example, to survive on an uninhabited island requires as much courage and fire as in childhood. The savages were born from this concept and it gave me the opportunity to explore adolescence in all its dangers, joys and broken hearts. I can’t believe he found a house in the Amazon.

Recently EW discovered an inverted photo with the cast of the series (to be seen), as well as some breakdowns of actors and their characters. We present some superficial improvements to the characters. Below you will find dark indications on the EC with regard to the destination of their arches:

  • Lea Rilke (Sarah Pigeon) is older than her age, creative and thoughtful with a hyperactive mind, but somehow a loner who prefers to read, write and observe the world around her.
  • Shelby Goodkind (Mia Healy) is an anxious princess from the heart of Texas, whose natural optimism helps all teenagers stay desperate.
  • Martha Blackburn (Jenna Klaus) is a generous animal lover and deeply attached to her Indian ancestry.
  • Tony Shalifo (Erana James) is a stalker with anger issues who feels like everyone is trying to cheat on her… because almost everything in her life is like that.
  • Rachel Reed (Ruling Edwards) is an elite diver who is forced to take dangerous courses in order to succeed in her sport.
  • Nora Reed (Helena Howard) is a calm, creative and intelligent man who struggles to blend in with his peers. Twin sister Rachel.
  • Dot Campbell (Shannon Berry) is a cool girl from Texas who doesn’t suffer from fools. When she was young, she had to take on many adult tasks, which gave her a semblance of reliability on the island.
  • Fatin Giadmani (Sofia Ali) is a proud and disintegrated young girl with a keen sense of fashion. If she doesn’t do her part on the island, the others think she’s a worthless lazybones.

Wilds’ movie comes out on the 11th. December premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

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