Star Wars: The Mandalorians don’t care why the shocking new character Darksber wants. The biggest surprise in chapter 11 was undoubtedly the performance of Kathy Sakhoff in the role of Bo-Katan Krays. The character has already been introduced to the public in the animated series Clone Wars. Mandalore is in fact the heir to the throne of the planet Mandalore. But in many ways she is not like Mando, in fact her opinions are completely contradictory. Bo-Katan will take off his helmet when he feels comfortable and comes out of a band called Death Watch. Their goal is to return to the planet and rebuild the prosperous society from before the siege by the Mandator. There’s only one problem: She needs Darksaber to symbolically take her place on the throne.

Why go after Mando? He was the last person to see a man with a legendary weapon. Mandalorian fans will remember that Moff Gideon scored the sheet after a fight with the protagonist in last season’s final. So it became clear that these three sides will probably come together someday, because Gideon wants the baby, Bo-Katana wants the sword and Mando still has a bone to pick with the bad guy. There are fireworks in Mandalorean, and that was before you mentioned another character whose name disappears at the end of the episode.

Giancarlo Esposito, the actor who brings Gideon to life, has spoken more than once in recent months about this legendary weapon. These interviews promised action with lightsabers, and it looks like there will be a serious rush in the near future.

It’s wonderful to have this iconic weapon in your hands. You have to get used to it because it’s longer than a sword or a sabre, Esposito told FAN Expo in Vancouver. And, of course, it’s shorter if you turn it off. So you need to figure out how the pen works. And if you use a sword like that, you have to think you can’t hit it because it will bend. It has that [buzzing], it vibrates with that light and energy… So you should hit someone as if you were trying to hit someone with the ball off your hand instead of dropping a sword So keep your wrist straight. It feels powerful, it feels good. I broke three last week.

During TVCA’s winter tour he explained how happy he was to be part of the Star Wars universe.

It was exciting to be part of this project because of its cultural nature, but especially because it brought me back to the Star Wars I loved, he admitted. I’ve seen the first movies and I left them behind because they got bigger and bigger in a different way than I wanted, but it’s a real cosmic western. It gives you the space and the space, and each one of them is a bit like a movie. So you can tell the story visually, and it goes back to the origins of a mythology based on the deep roots of the Joe Campbell mythology that George Lucas loved so much, and that’s why he included that mythology in Star Wars, and that’s why I’m happy to be part of that mythology.

How do you think this season will end? Let us know what you think!

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