Sony Pictures has delayed the theatrical release of Morbius from late 2021 to 2022 – and now Marvel fans fear Spider-Man 3 will be delayed as well. Sony caused a domino effect with its release date changes, starting with the decision to move the James Bond film No Time to Die from spring to an October date for Morbius. Both No Time To Die and Morbius have finished production, and both have been delayed more than a year from their original release dates; Spider-Man 3 is still shooting, so at this point the release delay is certainly a logical assumption.

Sony Spider-Man’s cinematic universe is not yet as complicated as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s, but there are still continuity issues to be resolved. The Morbius trailer clearly showed that the story of the birth of the vampire anti-hero will have a clear connection to the events of the Marvel Spider-Man film series. The most obvious scene is when Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius comes into contact with Adrian Toome/Michael Keaton’s villain Spider-Man: Coming home. This crossover led to much speculation among fans that Morbius was another link in the chain of events leading up to the film Sinister Six Live.

The theory of Spider-Man 6 has only deepened with the news that Spider-Man 3 is collecting bad guys from the franchise’s entire past, so it’s possible that Spider-Man 3 will really have to wait until Morbius appears.

Look at the Marvel fans who are worried about the possible delay of Spider-Man 3:


If the Morbius Delay delays Spider-Man 3 and Venom..: Let there be bloodshed in 2022!

– Josh ❤️ WandaVision #BlackLivesMatter (@supermangeek101) January 22, 2021

The fear level of Marvel fans is very high right now.


All connected

#Morbius has been delayed until January, does that mean #SpiderMan3 has been delayed too? Because it’s supposed to come out in December. I thought Morbius led to Spider-Man 3. #Marvel

– Adam Butt (@AdsButt123) January 22, 2021

As you can see, many Marvel fans are betting that the link between Morbius and Spider-Man 3 will also affect release dates.


Massacre still in progress(?)

Venom Let There Be Carnage will likely take the place of Spider-Man 3 and Morbius this year.

– Maniac Punk (@PunkManiac1) January 22, 2021

Sony planned to release three Spider-Man movies in theaters in 2021, of which the studio could make one more.


Not connected

Of course, MORBIUS doesn’t need to be seen before VENOM 2 or SPIDER-MAN 3 (or maybe not at all).

– Bill Brasky (@BillBrasky2620) January 22, 2021

At this stage, we can only stick to what is officially known, which is that Morbius is moving in 2022. For now, this suggests that his story is self-sustaining and has nothing to do with the release of Spider-Man 3 or Venom 2.


How important is it?

You sure about that? We all know Spider-Man 3 is Sony’s only big movie. Morbius looks like garbage

– mystery (@mrvldcmystery) January 22. 2021

Many fans think it’s silly for Sony to place so much importance on Morbius when Spider-Man 3 is the real jewel in the crown.


MCU Problems

The reason this delay hurts so much is that it likely means Spider-Man 3, which is a Christmas movie, and Venom will be pushed back to 2022: Let there be bloodshed and both go to 2022! This will derail UCU’s plan! So much pain today!

– Josh ❤️ WandaVision #BlackLivesMatter (@supermangeek101) January 22, 2021

The delay of Spider-Man 3 could actually create a whole new set of problems for Kevin Feige and Marvel’s studio. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be thrilled with anything to do with Morbius.


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