Former President Donald Trump walked away from a free man being acquitted of a second charge because the numbers were with him. CNN quoted Joe Biden stating that despite the failure to secure a conviction, the substance of the charges against Mr. Trump is not in question. It was a numbers game, and seven Republicans joined 50 Democrats in condemning him. However, they were unable to find the number of 67 needed for a conviction.

The impeachment proceedings were triggered by the disturbances of 6. January, when people were storming Capitol Hill… Trump insisted that he had won the election and claimed that the Democratic Party had used fraud to win.

Some deaths have been reported and video footage shows violent scenes. These pictures of the United States soon went all over the world. Trump tried to challenge the election results. During the trial it turned out that his words served as fuel for a smouldering fire among his supporters.

According to CNN, the trial showed Donald Trump’s power over the Republican Party. It is proof that even a minister who is guilty of activities that tarnish the image of his office can get away with it as a free man. All he has to do is get the support of a few senators. It was not relevant for his defense to present because they did not reflect the truth, according to the exit report. And some feel that many falsehoods and lies have been committed.

Tech saved Donald Trump‘s day.

Earlier this week, the Senate had already voted to uphold the constitutionality of this procedure, and former President Donald Trump escaped conviction for having these numbers. His second impeachment trial was to show that he was a danger to his own vice president, Republican Party lawmakers, and Democratic Party opposition.

CNN adds that Democratic House leaders showed videos during the process that surprised many Republican senators. These videos show how the former president tried to influence his supporters and get them to fall in line with him. It culminated with the storming of the Capitol on the 6th. January. People were beating up police, pretending to follow Trump’s orders.

Apparently they wanted to prevent the certification of ballots. Joe Biden was 46th and Donald Trump left the White House.

Donald Trump called the court the biggest witch hunter.

Former President Donald Trump called the trial the biggest witch hunt in US history. He added that no president has ever experienced such a situation. CNN cites Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who gave his opinion. He was a potential presidential candidate himself and was proud of the members of his party who had voted against Trump. He went on to say: I don’t think the final chapter on Donald Trump and the direction of the Republican Party has been written yet. Joe Biden wanted a short process to depose Donald Trump.

Prosecute Donald Trump for his alleged role in inciting violence

According to ABC News, a majority of senators voted to censure former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in inciting the deadly violence that claimed many lives. Those who wanted to be convicted did not reach the required threshold of an absolute majority. It was the second time the charges were brought against him, and the verdict was acquittal. That’s because the numbers were missing. A total of 57 senators voted to convict Trump, while 43 voted to acquit. Thus, the two-thirds majority of the Senate required for conviction was not achieved. In any case, this trial cemented Trump’s place in the annals of history as the only American president to be indicted twice.

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