Trump asked Kemp to call a special session and convince the state legislators to choose their own voters who would support him, according to the source. He also asked the Republican governor to order verification of the signatures on the absences.

Kemp stated that he did not have the authority to order such an inspection and denied the request for a special meeting, according to the source.

The White House refused to comment on the call, which was originally reported in the Washington Post.

The president referred to Saturday’s Twitter call, in which he attacked Kemp and the Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger and called on the state to check the signatures on postal voting envelopes while making false or misleading statements about the possible lawsuit. In response, the governor chirps that he had already publicly asked for a signature verification three times, which doubled Trump’s request to Kemp to call a special session of the state legislature.

Kemp’s spokesman, Cody Hall, confirmed that the governor had spoken with the president, but when asked about that conversation, he only said that Trump had expressed his sympathy for the death of Harrison Deel, a young Lowffler campaigner.

Krump’s appeal to Kemp, his last attempt to influence the outcome of the 2020 elections, came hours before the president’s state visit to hold a meeting in support of Republican sentiment. David Purdue and Kelly Loffler for the second round of the Senate elections in January. CNN reported earlier that the president publicly insisted that Kemp and Raffensperger, both Republicans, protest the results of the state elections – demands they rejected.

Earlier this week, CNN Hall told – after a separate lead by Trump for interfering in the state election process – that Georgian law prohibits the governor from interfering in the elections.

The Foreign Minister, who is an elected constitutional official, supervises elections that cannot be cancelled by decree, Hall said in a statement at the time. As the Governor has stated on a number of occasions, he will continue to enforce the law and encourage the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take appropriate measures – including random verification of signatures – to restore confidence and address serious problems.

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The refusal of the trump card to resign and continued pressure from false allegations of fraud in Georgia have worried Republicans that the President will reduce voter turnout in crucial elections in small states, which will help determine the balance of power in Congress.

And even though they defeated the leader of his party, Georgian GOP election officials rejected the accusations of falsity in writing from the state of Trump.

Biden defeated Georgia by more than 12,000 votes and became the first democratic presidential candidate to win the fishery state in nearly three decades. Kemp confirmed Biden’s victory on 20 November after a nationwide check in which nearly 5 million ballots were counted.

CNN previously reported that Trump recently beat Kemp, who is a supporter, in another phone call and called him an idiot and a psychopath. Earlier this week the president publicly criticized the governor in an interview with Fox News and said he was ashamed of his support for Kemp.

The governor is not planning to attend the Trump rally Saturday night in Valdosta, Georgia, because of the sudden death of a close friend of the family, Hall told CNN.

This story was complemented by extra events on Saturday.

Ryan Nobles of CNN has contributed to this report.

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