The top five teams in Tuesday’s penultimate school soccer play-off ranking remained unchanged, while the hopes of the state of Iowa for the play-offs were boosted and the hopes of Cincinnati for a place in the final round of qualifying were further boosted.

Alabama remains in the lead with No. 1, followed by No. 1. 2 Notre Dame, No. 3 Clemson, no. 4 Ohio State and No. 5 Texas A&M. Notre Dame and Clemson will meet for the second time this season on Saturday for the CCA championship game.

The Crimson Tide (10-0), led by Nick Saban, will take Florida’s No. 7 in the SEC championship game after a 37-34 home loss to LSU (3-5) by just one point. Ohio State, which last played on December 5 and has only played five games this season, ranks 14th in the Northwest Big Ten Championship.


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The State of Iowa, which was out of action last weekend, moves up to sixth place for the Big 12 championship game against tenth seeded Oklahoma. Eighth seeded Cyclones, the Gators and Georgia suffered two losses, but are ahead of ninth seeded Cincinnati (8-0), who lost one spot in each of the last two rankings, despite being ranked 21st. November doesn’t play at the CCF anymore.

The Bearcats finally have a chance to impress the committee in the American Athletic Conference title match against Tulsa’s No. 23, which is one place higher. But even a victory could keep them behind the Big 12 champion and possibly Texas A&M, who are not eligible for a place in Tennessee this week. Georgia is inactive after the cancellation of the game against Vanderbilt due to COVID-19 and other problems with the Commodores.

Neither Notre Dame, nor Clemson played last weekend, but Notre Dame’s PCP chances improved after North Carolina beat Miami 62-26. The Tar Heels have risen two places to 15th place, while Miami has dropped eight places to 18th place. Notre Dame defeated North Carolina on the 27th. November in Chapel Hill on a score of 31-17. Even if the Fighting Irish lose to Clemson, their profile seems solid enough to stay in the top four.

university footballer ranking — 15. December

1. Alabama (10-0)
2. Notre Dame (10-0)
3. Clemson (9-1)
4. State of Ohio (5-0)
5. Texas A&M (7-1)
6. State of Iowa (8-2)
7. Florida (8-2)
8. Georgia (7-2)
9. Cincinnati (8-0)
10. Oklahoma (7-2)
11. Indiana (6-1)
12. Coastal Carolina (11-0).
13. USC (5-0)
14. Northwest (6-1)
15. North Carolina (8-3)
16. Iowa (6-2)
17. BYU (10-1)
18. Miami (8-2)
19. Louisiana (9-1)
20. Texas (6-3)
21. Oklahoma State (7-3)
22. CN State (8-3)
23. Tulsa (6-1)
24. San Jose State (6-0)
25. Colorado (4-1)

Coastal Carolina (11-0) needed a late touchdown in Troy to become the first team of FBS with 11 victories. The Chanticleers moved up to 12th place as the game for the Sun Belt title approached 19th in Louisiana.

USC (5-0) remains the highest-ranked team in the Pac-12, moving two places to 13th place, but the Trojans lack a crucial victory after losing a game against Colorado, which dropped to 25th after their first loss of the season. Clay Helton’s team will compete against unlisted Oregon in the Pac-12 championship on Friday.

San José State ranks 24th in the CFP after a 6-0 start – his best team since 1939. The Spartans will take on an unlisted Boise state team on Saturday in Las Vegas during the Mountain West Championship Game.

BYU and NC State are among the nine teams that are climbing up in the standings this week and are in 17th and 22nd place respectively.

The CFP selection committee will publish its final ranking on Sunday, including the four teams that made it to the semi-finals.

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