Working from home is a decision that has potential drawbacks and benefits to consider. Meeting with clients in the office can be beneficial for business growth, but working from home may be more beneficial for employees. Trapped in the office for a long day of meetings, we often neglect the tasks that can be done from the comfort of our homes. So, what are some of the benefits of working from home?

When I first started working from home (a few years ago) I was disgusted by how any of my colleagues could work in a coffee shop, in their pajamas, and listen to loud music. But then I thought: if working from home works for them, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same?

Our office operates like a bustling bustling hive, with a lot of buzzing, buzzing, buzzing going on all day long. In the midst of it all, we have a very specific buzzing sound. We can recognize it from a mile away: the buzzing of our office computer fans. When we first started working from home, we didn’t have the best office equipment. Since then, we have had to make adjustments, and today our headphones are no longer a necessity, but a luxury item. We’ve learned to live with less, to be less attached to our stuff, and to create our own office culture that works for us.. Read more about working from home jobs and let us know what you think.Gabe Marans, Managing Partner, Real Estate Company Savills, has returned to his Park Avenue office in New York, but he’s still overwhelmed by Zoom. He and his personal colleagues still use video calls to communicate with clients. Marans says he looks better than ever during those calls, thanks to the ring light and the Lume Cube, another portable lighting device he bought to enhance his video calls home during the pandemic last spring. A second set of identical lamps is in his office in Tenafly, New Jersey, where he still works one or two days a week. Two pairs in all is his motto today. Another work habit from the pandemic era that has stuck with him is the switch from old-fashioned pen and paper to an iPad app called GoodNotes. It became difficult to keep track of the notebooks in his home, as he often interrupted his workday to spend time with his 3-year-old son. I would say my workflow is much better and more streamlined now, he says.

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A weekly email newsletter to help you set and achieve your personal goals, with tips and conversations to improve your health, career, relationships and leisure. Across the country, employees are reconsidering their options for working from home as regular offices gradually open. Some, like Mr. Marans, bring home office items they perfected during the pandemic. Others are limiting their work-from-home efforts now that remote work has become more common and is no longer the special opportunity offered last spring. Carol Ingber, an art agent in New York, says the pandemic has prompted her to tackle the messy paperwork that has invaded her professional life. When she took all this material home last spring to continue her work remotely, she felt overwhelmed and hired a professional organizer. She then invested in hanging folders, a filing drawer, special storage for mail and a container for office supplies. I will bring the new filing system to the office when we work face-to-face again this year, she says. Many workers have invested heavily in their home offices since the first wave of closings last March, says Asher Lipman, a New York-based renovation coach. As the pandemic progressed, people made bigger and bigger plans and realized it wasn’t for two weeks or a month, he says. The demand for help in creating a kitchen table workspace is growing rapidly, as is the remodeling of closets, basements or entire rooms. But the proliferation of vaccines in the U.S. and the interest of many companies in returning to face-to-face work this summer means that some home offices are not as permanent as many employees thought. Robert David, executive director of the nonprofit recruitment organization, still works out of his home in Half Moon Bay, California, but scaled back his home offices during the pandemic. Last March, as video calls became a major part of his workday, he felt uncomfortable in the guest room where he worked. He bought a green screen that served as a virtual backdrop to hide the big bed behind – like the spinning Hollywood sign on which Silicon Valley stands. word-image-4574

Robert David optimizes his home office by donating the green screen he bought at the beginning of the pandemic.

Photo: Robert David About two months ago, I finally gave up and decided enough was enough and I needed to show the room, he says. He had once feared that his surroundings would be less impressive than the picturesque kitchens and libraries that could be seen behind the backs of his colleagues and professional acquaintances, but then he realized that it was too much trouble to regularly expose the background. He now plans to donate the screen, which costs about $100, to Goodwill. Not all employees are leaving the home office yet. There are fewer used desks and office chairs for sale now than there were around this time last year, says Reham Fagiri, CEO of AptDeco, an online marketplace for used furniture. Demand for home offices remains high, so it seems people want to keep the products they already have, she says. Many workers who set up home offices during the pandemic say you should take your time to avoid buyer’s remorse. Cassandra Rivera, a professional young adult coach from Detroit who works remotely, didn’t start decorating her current space until after she and her husband moved to a new home in October. I wanted to be very careful about what I bought, she says. She’d had time to think about exactly what she wanted after spending the spring and summer on her laptop in her parents’ basement. She started with the bare essentials – a desk and an office chair from Wayfair, and a The Home Depot and added nothing but a do-it-yourself paint job in the months that followed.

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Do you prefer to work at home or elsewhere? Why? Join the discussion below. According to Stephanie Shalofsky, a New York-based professional organizer who helped Ingber set up her home office last spring, a common mistake that leads to a cluttered home office is not thinking about what your work actually entails. Last spring, I worked with a man who had two big screens, an iPad and a laptop at home, and he had no place to work, she says. It turned out that he actually needed a standing desk, because it reflected his pre-pandemic office environment and helped him stay focused, and a single screen. Greg Lawrence, a management professor at the University of Michigan-Flint who studies home offices, believes many employees’ initial desire to personalize their work environment has faded with the advent of pandemics and telecommuting. In the beginning, we had no real rules about what we could and could not have on our backs, he says, which led some workers to buy decorations for the parts of the house where they worked. But as teleworking has become to some extent an integral part of many workers’ lives, there is a trend towards less personalisation and more institutionalisation. For example, more and more companies would send their employees logos to hang in their home office decor. I think the Zoom library phenomenon will disappear. Write to Krithike Varagur at [email protected]. Copyright ©2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8There are many benefits to working from home, particularly for employees with young children. Working from home can free you from the daily stresses of commuting, allow you to spend more time with your family, and give you more flexibility in choosing the work-space that best suits you. The downside of working from home is that you may have to deal with noise and a less-desirable office environment on more than one occasion.. Read more about google work from home jobs and let us know what you think.

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