F1’s attempt to end domination does Mercedes a favour

Mercedes hopes to use the plans of Formula 1 to level the playing field between the teams in the coming years as an incentive to continue the period of dominance in the next decade.

In a race of unprecedented success Mercedes has won the last seven drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles and is the favourite to win again in 2021 and extend the series to eighth place.

In an effort to make the sport more unpredictable and level the playing field, Formula 1 will introduce a budget ceiling and new restrictions on aerodynamic testing next year, as well as a whole new set of technical regulations for 2022.

The new rules aim to reduce the purchasing power of the best teams – Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari – while limiting certain areas of development to reduce the performance gap between teams.

Although the regulation is not a specific target for Mercedes, it is the biggest threat to the success of the team in F1 since the last major change of engine regulations in 2014.

However, Mercedes technical director James Ellison believes that the introduction of the new rules could once again motivate his team to improve their game.

There are a lot of unintended consequences, and if, like us, you’re now happily at the top of the pyramid – but you don’t feel safe there at all and you have to keep rubbing against it to get to the top – many of these changes really seem to be aimed at us, he told ESPN’s F1 podcast.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Mercedes celebrated its two championships in Abu Dhabi, but missed a race victory. Dan Istitene – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images).

You didn’t… They don’t have a Mercedes in mind – they don’t want a chain of Ponzi schemes, they want a constant exodus of teams capable of winning one day and not winning the next, and being unpredictable for every weekend.

But if you are in the position in which we are now, it is not that there is a set of rules that make it impossible for a team like us to exist in the future.

The possible unintended consequence of this is that if you’re on a seven-game winning streak and have trouble finding new rhetoric to get people to call you the eighth or ninth time, in many ways you’re doing a great service by setting a set of rules that are aimed directly at your heart.

There is nothing more motivating for this group of people than to take up and say this new challenge: We’ll show you! We’ll show you we’re not going into the night quietly!

It is a great pleasure for us to take on this regulatory challenge and, as with the previous one, to try again to show what we are made of and that we are a team that just wants to do its best.

With any luck, that would be enough to be in the front line.

Mercedes is not the first team to dominate Formula 1. Recent examples are Red Bull’s winning streak between 2010 and 2013 and Ferrari’s victory in the overall championship from 1999 to 2004.

Allison said that Mercedes had tried to learn from the previous teams to stay competitive as long as possible.

After all, you tend to have a lot of things coming to you, but if you want to put them all in one bucket, it’s probably easier to put them in one bucket, he said. It is rare for the other team to settle for a big step forward and the previously brilliant and uncontrollable former champions blow their diamonds out of the water.

Usually a former champion takes a step back from the strong pedal and takes for granted the success he has had and begins to feel that he has succeeded, looking back on the efforts he has made before to earn it.

Usually it’s complacency in one form or another, and then you add to that complacency other factors, such as people in a champion team tend to be very attractive candidates for competitors, and eventually you lose one or two who become ten or 15, and ten or 15 become 50 or 100, and what used to be a totally unbeatable combination of people begins to become another animal.

So there can be a lot of different things that coincide.

How have we tried to deal with this situation? In any case, we are aware of these risks, because we have all seen the cycle of success followed by decline many times, and many of us have seen it with other teams.

So we are confident that we want to avoid these risks and that our success is nothing special, nothing divine, and that it is the result of hard work and effort and, to some extent, a certain sacrifice in terms of people who are willing to spend their time here at work and commit themselves instead of in the arms of their families, in many cases.

So every year it reminds us that next year will only be successful if we deserve it, and that we have to ignore all the voices on stage trying to tell the world that our success next year is guaranteed, and that we just have to show up to make it happen.

So humble, knowing we have to earn it. And then the determination to let the people who work here enjoy their work.

So even if they get lucrative offers to go somewhere else, they see that the total offer this team makes to them is good, and the environment in which they work, the kind of responsibilities they get, the trust they get and the joy we get together because of that, they don’t want to rush because it’s a good place to work.

That’s why we work hard to promote the team spirit that prevails here.

The last thing the team has done well is not to rely too much on individuals and try to make sure that it is a collective force that keeps us in good shape.

We need to make sure that we have some kind of follow-up plan for key roles in the team when people leave, because it is a sport that you consume over time because you only have a certain momentum to stay at that level of intensity, and when people have given everything, enjoyed every drop, but are ready to pass the torch, it is important to make sure that there is someone who can pass the torch, and that the company can move smoothly from one to another without losing its shape.

There have been a number of similar exchanges that we have been able to make and that have shown a sustainable team structure. We tried, but it would be completely ridiculous if I said that we have a formula for success, because it completely contradicts what I said in the first place, which is the complacency that we all feel and need to remind ourselves that this is simply not a matter of course.

We have to keep on winning and when we use it and realize that we like it as much as we like to win, the pleasure of a good job here usually leads to producing something good enough to win and then you have the pleasure of winning.

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