According to the first footage of Godzilla vs. Kong, the latter will win because he will fight as an underdog. When Godzilla vs. Kong confirmed its release last March with its very first trailer, there was quite a bit of debate on the Internet about which of the two famous titans would ultimately win the battle for the title. Despite the prevailing theory that the two men would work together to defeat an even bigger threat, it seemed that most arguments revolved around how the fight against Kong would go.

A popular argument among Godzilla fans is that Kong has no chance of winning because Godzilla has nuclear power, is huge, and more, but that’s exactly why Kong is going to win here. The trailer (and the reasoning behind it) once again emphasizes that Kong will do everything in his power to fight Godzilla, and that’s exactly the point. Kong will win this unexpected victory for the underdogs.

Kong has a lot to offer without even thinking about the plot of the next film. Not only did Kong demonstrate his great intelligence and quick improvisational skills in the heat of battle in the movie Skull Island, but it has already been confirmed that Kong will be even more advanced in these skills (and seems to be finding a way to withstand Godzilla’s nuclear blast).

(Photo: Legendary)

Moreover, despite his new size, Kong seems to surpass Godzilla in terms of speed and agility with punches and other quick movements in the trailer. But he remains an outsider, given the situation in which Kong unwittingly participates alongside humanity. In the trailer, we see Kong forced to fight Godzilla, and we will likely learn more about Kong’s role in the story of the Monsterverse as the film progresses.

Kong was the last surviving species of giant ape, and that probably applies to the kaiju ecosystem as a whole. This not only means that Kong has some fundamental advantages, but also that the film’s story works in his favor, since Godzilla will be the main enemy at the beginning. This is also a kind of precedent set by TOHO.

There is no real reason to assume that Godzilla vs. Kong would play like the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla, but Kong won that battle with the underdog. When it looked like Godzilla would prevail because of the aforementioned atomatism and brutal fighting style, Kong ultimately triumphed when he was struck by lightning and given another chance to fight Godzilla.

It could very well be that Deus ex machina saves Kong from a major defeat, as he is the underdog in this fight. It’s hard to deny, and honestly, that’s why he’ll probably win and officially become “King Kong” in Godzilla vs Kong. But what do you think? Will Kong, the underdog, win? How do you think this fight will go? Let us know what you think in the comments, or you can even contact me directly about all the animation and other cool @Waldesology stuff on Twitter!

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