In a letter to the racing authorities, the FIA, the Mongolian government complained about the racist and derogatory remarks of Formula 1 driver Max Ferstappen during the Grand Prix of Portugal.

Ferstappen met driver Lance Walking during a training session on Friday at the Portimao circuit.

After the incident, a radio message from Ferstappen was sent to his Red Bull team. It contained a lot of rudeness and insults for which he was reprimanded, and I finally came to the conclusion that I had injuries. What a mongoloid! I swear to God.

Mongolia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Lundeg Purevsuren, wrote to the FIA this week requesting comments.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Max Verstappen has been accused by the government of Mongolia of racist and derogatory remarks. Charles Coates/Getty Pictures

According to the letter has been read by the FIA: I regret the use of racist and unethical statements in public by Red Bull driver Max Verstappen during practice for the Portuguese Grand Prix in the Formula 1 World Championship on 23 and 24 June 2009. October 2020.

Sport is seen all over the world as a symbol of unity, and I believe there should be no racial discrimination in sport.

I support the Formula 1 initiative against racism We are united in the fight against racism. But as far as the incident mentioned above is concerned, I doubt that this initiative is correct.

In order to prevent a repetition of such unethical behaviour in sport, I am convinced that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) will take action against the driver of Red Bull, Max Verstappen, because of his unacceptable behaviour to repeatedly use racist and degrading language against any ethnic group.

The report goes on to say that the Mongolian government has also sent angry letters to the CEO and founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateshits, and the CEO of Aston Martin, Tobias Moers. Aston Martin is the title sponsor of Red Bull.

Red Bull refused to comment on ESPN’s request.

Mr. Ferstappen apologized for the remarks he made during a press conference for Friday in the run-up to the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix this weekend.

First of all, I never meant to hurt anyone, Verstappen said. It was never what I wanted.

It happened in the heat of battle, and if you go at that speed, things can happen. I’m not saying the words I chose are right, I know they’re wrong. I never meant to hurt anyone with this.

I had an argument with Lance too, but I saw him right after. Pilots are like that, we can be angry with each other, but for five minutes we talk and look each other in the eye, and then it’s forgotten. I think it’s a little hot out there sometimes.

I never meant to hurt anyone. I don’t think they have to make it bigger than it really is. I also know it was a mistake. But I can’t change that. But of course, you’ll learn from him, and we’ll do better.

In his speech on Friday, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said the subject was only discussed with Verstappen.

We disagree with the comments Max made yesterday on the team radio, Horner said. They were made in the heat of battle, when emotions were running high, and Max didn’t want to be insulted. We discussed it with Max at the company.

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