In less than four weeks the United Kingdom will leave the European Union if there is no redeployment or enlargement. The influence also extends to football. For example, the Premier League could not impose restrictions on the employment of foreign nationals from the EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries within the EU. It can now make any rules it wants, subject to the approval of the Football Association (FA) and, of course, the British Government.

After months of negotiations, the Football Association, the Premier League and the Football League published a new set of rules on Tuesday that will apply after Brexit. They cover both men’s and women’s matches and are not limited to players, but also advise managers, assistant coaches, football club directors and human resources managers. In general, work visas are issued on the basis of a points system that takes into account the performance of the clubs and international associations, the age and quality of the competition in which a player participates. The principle is similar for non-playable positions.

The idea is to develop the game in England by restricting access to the best and brightest. In fact, it’s probably a big worthless burger with an attitude pop and politics at the top. Most of the rules are ineffective and for those who are, there is a practical exception panel that, if the appeal bodies are allowed to do something under the old rules, gets closer to the stamped panel. Moreover, almost all European players already present in the UK will be grandfathers, so the effects of these rules will only be felt in a few years’ time – by then there could be many brand new rules.

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Slightly negative. What is the most important change?

The biggest change has nothing to do with the new rules, but is a natural consequence of brexitis. With a few exceptions, FIFA prohibits the transfer of underage players from one country to another. This is only allowed if the player lives close to the national border (and the club he has joined is less than 30 miles away), or if his parents have moved for legal reasons unrelated to football, or if the move takes place within 30 days of the player’s arrival in the country. EEA, to which the United Kingdom acceded on 1 January 2007. January 2021.

If the rule had been introduced earlier, players like Paul Pogba (for the first time), Sesc Fabregas and Gerard Peak would not have been able to enter the Premier League. In fact, the transfer of minors across borders is becoming less frequent, usually because clubs find a loophole in the law. Since in most countries it is not possible to sign a professional contract before the age of 16 or 17, it is not possible to sign a professional contract before this age. They wait until they’re 16 or 17 to sign. They celebrate the child’s 50th birthday and sign him/her as a free agent, paying only a minimum fee to the previous association. There’s not much going on right now.

There are also detours.

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For example, what?

You can sign a contract with his club, sign a player and keep him until he turns 18. You can also use a bridge club, an EEA team that signs a player for you and then transfers him or her when he or she reaches adulthood. Some English clubs have partnerships with clubs in the EEA, others (such as Watford or Manchester City) have common shareholders. It may cost you a little more, but you can get around it.

The greatest influence is exercised by the associations actively involved in Scouting in the Republic of Ireland. Traditionally, a number of Irish players go to English academies at the age of 16 to complete their training there. It’s more complicated than that.

What about the eyewear system? Doesn’t this provide quality control for the players who come?

To start with, the rules are quite generous. The vast majority of players who have signed up for the Premier League clubs in the last four or five years would have met these criteria. And, as I said, for those who don’t, there’s an exception panel.

Okay, but what about managers? I read that Manchester United couldn’t draw like Ole Gunnar Solsker.

Specifically, it would not meet the criteria, but again, I refer to the exception panel. We don’t know what they would have done, but I think it would be amazing if they had the courage to go to Manchester United – a club that generates a lot of revenue for the league and English football in general – and tell them who they can and cannot hire. It’s their money. The same, frankly, applies to all these requirements for assistant coaches, club managers and human resources managers (whoever that may be). And even in a very unlikely scenario, if the Exceptional Council says no, there is nothing to stop a young person hiring a figure skater and paying the man he wants as a consultant. This happened whenever there were strict rules that required a coaching qualification and the club wanted a man who didn’t already have one.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The Premier League is subject to the injury time rules as of January. Visiehuis

There are restrictions on the number of foreign players under the age of 21 that the club may sign. Are you sure this is important?

This may be the biggest joke of all. The limit is six per season. Do you know how many foreign players between 18 and 21 years of age have signed the big six in the Premier League for the entire 2019-20 campaign? Three: William Saliba and Gabriel Martinelli in Arsenal and Pedro Porro in Manchester City.

They assume that the limit was introduced with the idea that clubs under the age of 18 will suddenly try to save money until the age of 21 because they can no longer draw from abroad. But that doesn’t make sense, because it’s not like they import boats with cargo until they’re 18 years old. Last year, the Big Six signed a total of 16 contracts with children under the age of 18 from abroad. Chuck’s in three guys between 18 and 21, and you need 19. So why put a 6-pets-stop on a category where the six biggest – and most active – clubs signed only 3.1 last season?

These restrictions do not appear to be restrictions at all. Premier League clubs can always do exactly what they want. So what’s the point?

You’re right. You’re right. And the Premier League can do what she wants, because in the end she has all the influence she needs. They are the leaders of the elite of English football, not the football association. But they had to come up with something, and they didn’t want the FA to lose face completely, so they came up with a bunch of largely irrelevant rules.

And frankly, I think the FA agrees in principle, and not just because they haven’t been humiliated.

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Because the smartest people in AF know that markets and competition work and that quotas usually don’t work. England has had the best harvest of young players in recent years. At the level of less than 21 years they have qualified for the last seven European Championships. Before, they had only qualified for two of the previous nine. They’ve reached five of the last seven U20 World Championships. Before that, it was three out of six. They have qualified for four of the last seven U-17 World Championships and will become World Champions in 2017. They had never qualified until 2007.

How did England produce all these talented young men? With a world-class training base and coaching. It costs money and most of the calculations have been made by the clubs in the Premier League, which have been very successful over the last two decades. The ability to play and train against the best players in the world has given English players a chance to improve.

The FA knows that, and they don’t want to lose that competitive advantage. So they have pretended to do something with their new rules, but in reality they only maintain the status quo. Which, of course, is great for the Premier League.

So, yes, I’m quoting Bard: Lots of noise out of nowhere.

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