Ademola Lookman scores Ademola Lookman was directly involved in more goals in the Premier League this season than any other Fulham player (4 goals, 3 assists).

Ademola Lookman’s goal gave Fulham an important victory over Sheffield United in the Premier League.

The Cottagers remain 18th but have narrowed the 10-point gap on 17th-ranked Newcastle to just three points in a week.

Scott Parker’s team dominated for long periods of time, but it took them a while to close the bag.

Joachim Andersen’s depth pass was excellently picked up by Lookman, who took advantage of Ethan Ampadu’s weak defense to shoot in front of Blades goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

Earlier, Reuben Loftus-Cheek had passed defender George Baldock after he passed Ramsdale.

And although goalkeeper Alfons Areola blamed the absence of Enda Stevens, who failed to score the equalizer, on the host nation, they secured their second win in the top division this season at Craven Cottage.

Is Fulham starting to believe it?

Fulham have lost only one of their last seven top games, but their biggest problem is turning credible draws into wins.

Only Brighton had more ties than Parker, and until Lookman was the deciding moment of the match, it seemed to be another case of disappointment for them.

But after eight points from their last 12 games, Parker believes his team now has a chance to catch up with the clubs ahead of them.

Newcastle, which plays at Old Trafford on Sunday, is the most obvious target, but opponents such as Brighton and Burnley are also considered.

A third goal without a goal against in the last four games is a good sign in this regard, but Parker is also aware that his team needs to improve in front of goal.

Only six of fifteen shots hit the target, with Lookman, Loftus-Cheek and Mario Lemina having good chances to increase the lead.

“Ridiculous VAR decision.

Prior to that match, Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder said the loss of “eight or nine great players” was a setback this season.

And when Chris Basham limped off the field after 51 minutes, it was hard not to feel sorry for the Blades, who have now lost 20 of 25 games on the season.

Without John Egan and Jack O’Connell, who were long absent, they looked like the team that had the fourth-best defense in the first division last season.

In Basham’s absence, Ampadu returned to the defense and his mistake ended up costing the Blades at least a point.

But it would be a mistake to blame him, because Fulham and Sheffield United have been trying to find a formula all season that allows them to score goals.

Billy Sharp’s volley in the second half of last season or Stevens’ goal attempt may have been triggers, but the meager number of 15 goals in 25 games has shown little sign of improvement in this period,

And the late decision not to award a penalty after the VAR review when Jayden Bogle attacked Areola was symptomatic of a campaign in which they didn’t have too many happy moments.

“We had a chance to get back in the match and we didn’t take it,” Wilder said.

“And then we had a ridiculous VAR decision. I thought it was a reckless foul by the Fulham keeper. It’s a penalty. Yes, I’m a bit down, but it was a penalty on the day. There’s no doubt about it.

“I see a completely different game. Snapshots and a slow look, how can VAR not see that? I don’t care if he’s with the Braves or somewhere else. It was a ridiculous challenge. It cost us another subtle advantage.”

A “huge” victory, that’s what they said.

Fulham boss Scott Parker told Match of the Day: “It was a big win for us tonight, a monumental win. There is a lot of emotion in the team when it comes to understanding the significance of this evening”. The most important thing is the result.

“The game has always been based on opportunity. Those who have watched us know that we have played games where the difference is in the beautiful pitches. This team has real conviction and I want us to focus on ourselves.

“The quality we have will ultimately help us get results in this competition. We are a young team that wants to improve and develop. There is something in us that is needed in times like these.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder told Sport: “We thought we could get something out of the game. We have to play the game again, no matter the divisional position or drop out. We have to be professional and have pride and character.

“There is a bigger vision in all of this. Most people understand where we are as a soccer club, this is our third Premier League season in 20 years and to be realistic it doesn’t look like we will have a fourth.

Fulham’s home advantage is back – Statistics

  • Fulham recorded only their second home win in the Premier League in 14 games (W2 D4 L8) and their first since the win over West Brom in November.
  • Sheffield United have won only two of their 28 Premier League games in London (D8 L18): at Chelsea (2-1) in October 1992 and at Crystal Palace (1-0) in February 2020.
  • Sheffield United has conceded fewer goals this season than any other team in the Premier League (1).
  • Fulham have won two of their last three Premier League games (D1), which is as many as in their last 24 games (W2 D9 L13).
  • Ademola Lookman was directly involved in more goals in the Premier League this season than any other Fulham player (4 goals, 3 assists).
  • The Fulham marksman has scored four goals in 22 Premier League appearances this season – only in 2017-18 (five in 11 Bundesliga appearances) has he scored more goals in the top flight.

What is the next step?

Fulham travel to Crystal Palace on Sunday, February 28 (12:00 CET) for another Premier League match.

Sheffield United host Liverpool at Bramall Lane for their next meeting at the top of the league table on the same day (19:15 GMT).

The player of the game

LukemanAdemola Lukeman


  1. Team number19 Player nameLookman
  2. Team number 5Player nameAndersen
  3. Team number1PseudoAreola
  4. Team number 21PseudoLire
  5. Team number15Player name Loftus-Cheek
  6. Team number29Player nameZambo Anguissa
  7. Team number34Player nameAina
  8. Team number16Player nameTosin
  9. Team number33Player nameRobinson
  10. Team number14 Name of playerVan Cordova-Reid
  11. Team number 27Players nameMaja
  12. Team number17Player nameCavalero
  13. Team number18PseudoLemina
  14. Team number2player NameTeam

Sheffield United

  1. Team number 1Player nameRamsdale
  2. Team number6 Player nameBasham
  3. Team number 15PseudoYagelka
  4. Team number 10 Player nameSharp
  5. Team number22Player nameAmpadu
  6. Team number29Player nameBrian
  7. Team number 17PseudoMcGoldrick
  8. Team number2Players nameBaldock
  9. Team number3Players nameStevens
  10. Team number16Player nameNorwood
  11. Team number20Players nameBogle
  12. Team Number9 Player NameMcBurnie
  13. Team number7Player nameLundström
  14. Team number4NameFleck player

Links to.


4-2-3-1 training



29Zambo Anguissa21Reid


27 Maya

  • 1Areola
  • 34Aina
  • 5Andersen
  • 16Tosine
  • 33Robinson.
  • 29Zambo AnguissaBocking is 45 miles away.
  • 21Read
  • 17CavaleroReplacement of Teteat 78 minutes
  • 15 Loftus-Cheek
  • 19LookmanReplaced for De Cordova-Reidat 90+2’minutes
  • 27MajaReplaced byLeminabei 86’minutes


  • 2Tete
  • 3Sector
  • 4A
  • 12Rodak
  • 13Riv.
  • 14From Cordova-Reid
  • 18Lemina
  • 23Brian
  • 25 Noma

Chief LLC

3-5-2 training





  • 1Ramsdale
  • 22Ampadu
  • 15JagelkaReplacement of Bogleat 80’minutes
  • 29Brian
  • 2BaldockReservable in 79min
  • 6Basham replaced by Norwood in 51’minutes
  • 7LundstramReplacement of McGoldrick within 74’minutesReturn to 90 minutes.
  • 4Fleck
  • 3Stevens
  • 9McBurnaby
  • 10 Sharp


  • 13Lowe
  • 14Burke
  • 16Norwood
  • 17McGoldrick
  • 18 Foderingham
  • 20Bogle
  • 23Founded
  • 24Lunches
  • 31Green

Living Text

  1. End of match: Fulham 1, Sheffield United 0.
  2. End of second half, Fulham 1, Sheffield United 0.
  3. Attempt blocked. Mario Lemina (Fulham) unleashes a right footed shot that is blocked in the center of the box.
  4. Attempt blocked. Reuben Loftus-Cheek (Fulham) rattles off a right footed shot that is blocked through the middle of the box. Ola Aina places the ball in the center of the box.
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Fulham) hits a free kick on the opponent’s half.
  6. Keane Bryan (Sheffield United) is penalized after committing a foul.
  7. Substitution : Fulham. Bobby De Cordova-Reed replaces Ademola-Lukeman.
  8. Reuben Loftus-Cheek (Fulham) is penalized after committing a foul.
  9. George Baldock (Sheffield United) swings in a free kick on the other side’s half.
  10. David McGoldrick (Sheffield United) is shown a yellow card for a foul.
  11. Mario Lemina (Fulham) is awarded a free kick on the opponent’s half.
  12. David McGoldrick (Sheffield United) is penalized after committing a foul.
  13. Alfons Areola (Fulham) is awarded a free kick on the half of the opposing team.
  14. Jaden Bogle (Sheffield United) is penalized after committing a foul.
  15. Attempted save. Jayden Bogle (Sheffield United) shoots with his right foot to the center of the goal from a very short distance. Assisted by Keane Bryan.
  16. One attempt missed. Sheffield United’s Keane Bryan’s header from the center of the penalty area was close, but missed on the right after a set-piece.
  17. Mario Lemina (Fulham) is penalized after committing a foul.
  18. Sheffield United’s David McGoldrick’s free-kick is awarded on the other side’s half.
  19. Substitution : Fulham. Mario Lemina for Josh Maia.
  20. Ademola Lockman (Fulham) hits a free kick on the opponent’s half.
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