Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho said that Manchester United is now among the favourites to win the Europa League, but reiterated his belief that Champions League clubs should not compete.

United left the Champions League on Tuesday evening after a 3-2 defeat to RB Leipzig, which earned them third place in group H.

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Ole Gunnar Solsker’s men will join the seven other teams that finished third in the UEFA Champions League to join Spurs and Arsenal in the 32nd round in February.

Mourinho has never missed a Champions League knockout tournament in his managerial career, in which he was also at the helm of United for two years and, more importantly, achieved a famous victory over Juventus to qualify for the 16th league championship. of the 2018-19 season.

I am happy with my record, because it means that my clubs have always been able to win, which is economically important, but also for reasons of prestige. Sometimes more difficult than others, Mutinho said at a press conference on Wednesday.

At United for example, when we lost to Juventus at home, we had to go to Turin and win to qualify in a very difficult group, also with Valencia. And, of course, Manchester United is now one of the main favourites to win the competition. The teams that fall out of the Champions League are always strong, they are usually not at the same level as the European league and Manchester United is of course one of the best teams.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jose Mourinho, the boss ofTottenham Hotspur, is unhappy that teams like Manchester United are allowed to participate in the Europa League after their elimination from the Champions League photo: Carl Hars – Pool/Getty Pictures

The group [this season] has been very difficult. Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester, Leipzig, we all knew it wouldn’t be easy for any of them. And we all knew that the best team in this group would go to the Europa League.

However, Mourinho reiterated his disappointment that the Champions League teams failed to make it half the time in the European league, believing that UEFA would reward them for their failures.

This is a fundamental moment and if it happened to my team, I would feel the same, he added. That’s what it is and, frankly, it brings more quality to the competition. We mustn’t forget that.

If eight new teams and eight teams of a different level enter the league and fall into the Europa League, the level of competition will undoubtedly improve. And as quality improves, so does attention. It’s good for the competition.

But from a sporting point of view, it’s not fair. The fact that the team fails in one league falls on the other. It’s like imagining a third team from the European League going to the third league in the hierarchy of European football instead of getting to the finish line.

It’s just a principle. If we fail in football for any reason, we won’t have a chance next season. But it is what it is, and it’s not a problem for me.

On Thursday evening the Spurs will meet at home the Royal people of Antwerp, who have already qualified for the final, but only a victory will enable them to take first place in Group J.

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