Clay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.


Clay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.

That was heartbreaking news, although I’m not sure what the result was. But pending the 2020 NBA draft, warrior guard Clay Thompson reportedly suffered an injury to his right leg and was unable to put pressure on it when he left the gym on Wednesday.

Sources say that Clay Thompson could not aggravate his shin injury after leaving the gym today. Everyone hopes for the best.

– Shams Charanya (@ Shams Charanya) 18. November 2020

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The injury has nothing to do with Thompson, who was injured in the NBA final of 2019. The injury occurred on his left knee and prevented him from going into rehabilitation all last season. Thompson resumed training with his teammates, but has been out of the game since June 2019.

The fact that it was an injury to the lower left leg has led many to fear that it was an Achilles tendon injury, but this has not been confirmed.

Several players tweeted about their support and hope for Thompson, whose most notable Lakers star is Lebron James.

Many prayers @KlayThompson is fantastic! It’s like she’s super small.

– Lebron James (@KingJames) 18. November 2020.

His teammate Draimond Green also called Twitter.

Prayer for my brother @KlayThompson.

– 19. Draimond Green (@Geld23Green). November 2020.

Clay Thompson was injured shortly before 2020. NBAProjects

Thompson’s injury occurred just before the start of the 2020 NBA design, in which the Warriors retained number 2. The Golden State has a number of options with the pickaxe and weighs up the business opportunities. It is not clear that Thompson’s violation has changed the Golden State’s view of the approach to the elections.

Instead of dealing with pickaxes, the warriors were stuck for a while in choosing the player they were aiming for and chose the great man from Memphis, James Wiseman. Perhaps the warriors are making more progress.

Steph welcomes Sage to Warrior’s

– 19. Clipper Report (@BleacherReport) November 2020.

The team reached the NBA finals in the Western Conference five years in a row before missing the playoffs last season and finished fourth in the history of the franchise with a record 15:50. Green played 43 games last season, but Thompson didn’t play at all and former MVP Stephen Curry only played five games.

The Warriors were not among the 22 teams that participated in the NBA restart this summer in Orlando.

Warriors ready to return to competitive status

The Golden State was able to withstand last season’s awful record, even though some of them knew it would be relatively easy to become a competitor again. After the 2019 finals, the Warriors lost Kevin Durant to a free agency, but retained the core of Green, Curry and Thompson and were able to regain the distribution of D’Angelo Russell as part of Durant’s revolutionary trading program.

Pending the deadline, they reached an agreement with Minnesota and sent Russell to that state to select Andrew Wiggins and Timberwolves’ No. 1 for the next season. Last summer, the Golden State also dealt with André Iguodala, creating a major business exception that the team can use to take on a veteran without having to deal with anything else.

This gave the Warriors enough capital to fill their team and return to a trusted place in the NBA elite. But it all depended on the healing and Curry and Thompson. As far as Thompson is concerned, she seems to be in danger.

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