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Gov. Gavin Newsom has gotten his way in virtually every element of the Sept. 14 recall election, which is now only weeks away.

His most recent “success” was in convincing every other significant (read: well-funded) Democrat in California to remain off the list of contenders to replace him if the recall’s “yes” side wins a majority vote.

This has been Newsom’s goal since it became apparent that recall supporters would be able to collect enough signatures to bring the idea to a statewide vote. The strategy is intended to allow Newsom to utilize his vast and mostly untapped war fund to persuade voters that this election is really between him and former President Donald Trump.

Atascadero, we’re going to get through this together.

If he succeeds, the desire among California Democrats to vote “no” is likely to skyrocket. Currently, surveys indicate that virtually all registered Democrats in this state, who outnumber Republicans by almost 2-1, reject the recall, but they basically yawn as they say so.

When they associate the recall with Trump, whom they hate to the point of twice handing his election opponents margins of more than 3 million votes, their resolve to vote approaches that of recall supporters, who salivate at the thought of removing Newsom (dubbed “Gov. Nuisance” by many).

Is it possible for Newsom to make the recall election synonymous with Trump? The most notable of the 33 Republicans in the replacement race all have connections to the lost President, so he shouldn’t have too much trouble.

When San Diego businessman John Cox ran against Newsom in 2018, he had Trump’s support and lost by a landslide of 62 percent to 38 percent. Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego, openly declares that he voted for Trump last year and can be seen adoring him in Oval Office pictures. Ex-Trump staffers were involved in reality TV star Caitlin Jenner’s thus far unsuccessful campaign. And so on.

So, except for one item, Newsom gets an early election date and everything he stated he wants and needs to defend himself. Because of a mistake attributable to his advisers, he does not have the label “Democrat” next to his name in the recall election.

He does, however, have a lot of money and a lot of name recognition, and virtually no Californian is ignorant that Newsom is a Democrat, even if the ballot doesn’t state so. He only has Republican opponents among the wealthy. Just before the election, he has a state budget that will place large COVID recovery cheques in millions of mailboxes.

He has $5.2 billion to compensate almost all Californians who lost employment because to the epidemic more than a year’s rent. He has devised an election system that will send postal votes to every registered voter, making voting simpler than ever before, even for those who aren’t very enthusiastic about it.

This seems to be a fantasy world for the majority of applicants. Despite this, no survey has shown a strong desire to retain Newsom in office.

So the governor still has a lot of work to do if he wants to stay in office and eventually move up to the Senate or the White House — or both.

It’s a completely different scenario from the one the ex-Gov faced. Gray Davis, the first American governor ever to lose his position so ignominiously, was recalled only months after being reelected in 2002.

Davis, on the other hand, faced a public that blamed him for a severe energy shortage and a series of rolling blackouts. Plus, he was up against the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie muscleman who, from the time he announced himself a candidate, became the favorite to spark the recall and replace Davis.

Today, there is no one like that. Newsom has been one of America’s most successful governors when it comes to getting his state immunized and minimizing pandemic damage. Even though he has favored utility corporations financially, he has kept the lights on for the most part.

If Newsom were to be fired, it would be a huge shock. However, Republicans continue to enjoy a significant enthusiasm edge over Democrats. As a result, we must all be vigilant.

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