If there’s one thing we can learn from Ganyu, it’s that Genshin Impact is a game that values the importance of work. Ganyu works overtime as Liyue Qixing’s secretary, and his pursuit of history shows how much others appreciate his work.

The same concept applies to your daily shredding in Genshin Impact. You have to work to earn primroses, which in turn are used to buy your favorite character or weapon that you want. Even to acquire the objects of your dreams, you will have to be a workaholic, as you will constantly be wasting every ounce of your resin. Buying accessories is also a harvest of work, as you will find that part of your salary has gone directly to your needs. Even convincing your parents to lend you their credit card counts as a job.

And your efforts will surely earn you many bows and artifacts for Ganyu. The question now is which one is perfect for her. Here are some constructs that will ensure that Gagne will appreciate your perseverance.


  • PROS
    • Works effectively with other characters
    • Trump Spiral Abyss due to damage in their area of operation.
    • You will need to request overtime because you will need to shred their artifacts at the same time as your main DPS.
    • The Gacha targets the favorite 4- and 5-star weapons

For those of you who prefer to follow their job description, this building is perfect for you. Ganyu’s abilities make her a credible threat, as her cryogenic abilities can destroy groups of enemies. It can even distract enemies with its elemental ability, causing enemies to attack its Ice Lotus.


For starters, you can choose a three-star weapon like the Envoy or the Sniper’s Pledge because of the extra CRIT damage.

As with the four-star weapons, Blackcliff’s warbow and wireless are the best way to further improve your skills. The first one can be done with the Starglitter Exchange. However, you may have to meet many requirements to get the currency you need for Warbow. The artificial bow is an alternative if you prefer to spam your skills, as it reduces the effect of cold and charging energy. Favonius Warbow can also be equipped to spam your skills, but this requires a large amount of CRIT effects from your artifacts.

In the end, the Sky Harp is the perfect weapon for her, as it does insane damage. By combining your skills with the added effects of CRIT speed, CRIT damage, and passive range damage, you’ll be laughing like a sadistic guard.


At the beginning or middle of the game, the two-part exiled scientist allows you to spam your abilities thanks to the 40% energy charge effect. You can also try a two-part Braveheart or a two-part Grief Resolution for extra damage.

As for the late game, a 2 Noblesse Oblige and a 2 Blizzard Strayer increase the Elemental Strike damage. Your flower artifact should automatically be used to increase your HP and plume for ATK, but the rest should focus on ATK%, Cryo DMG, and CRIT speed or CRIT damage.

An alternative would be a 4-piece Noblesse bet, as you can give your dealer a boost to the attack that does a lot of damage. As with the two pieces Noblesse and Blizzard Stayer, you should focus on the values indicated above. If they are not available, you can choose an Energy Boost mode to maximize the effect of your 4-component construction. A constant surge of your wave makes your primary DPS a real puzzle.


It is important to have the basic DPS in your range, especially the hydro and electric characters, as they provide the necessary response. Having a base DPS on a pyro base can be risky if you have a hydro base, because the melting effect slows down the freezing effect. If you have no choice but to keep your pyrotechnic DPS, it’s best not to use it against frozen enemies.

Sucrose or Venti is essential, as their abilities offer a range of damage exposure that goes well with Ganyu. The combined efforts of their abilities will cause an avalanche of chaos within the Abyss of the Spiral. If these symbols are not available, Fischl can be used as an alternative, taking into account the Oz damage peak and the superconductivity effect. Lisa may be a viable option because Ganyu’s basic ability to distract her opponents will protect her at all costs. Xianlin can also provide synergy with Sucrose and Ganyu, but as mentioned earlier, her abilities should not interfere with frozen opponents.


Because it’s an auxiliary structure, Ganyu doesn’t have to be in the thick of things. All you have to do is use the elemental ability to distract enemies, switch to another character and unlock their abilities. Once the Lightning or Ganyu is available, you can use the Elemental ability, combine it with the Lightning and switch to other characters to wreak havoc. Make sure their explosion is in the area of their elemental orbit.


  • PROS
    • CRIT damage engine, because charged attacks automatically take care of it. It also means that farms no longer have to have a CRIT rate.
    • Firearms are easy to acquire
    • Artifacts are easy to shred if you know the sources of Gladiator and Wanderer.
    • A high degree of accuracy is required, as you must rely on loaded shots.
    • A high level of stamina is required as you have to hit and run….
    • His abilities don’t do as much damage as his support.
    • Doesn’t work well on cryo opponents because it does most of the damage.

For workaholics obsessed with completing difficult tasks, this building is the perfect embodiment of your personality. To do this, you need to be skilled with your bow, as you need to use charged attacks to get maximum damage to your exit. The good thing about Ganyu is that the full effect of his loaded shot activates a few icy arrows, but keep in mind that some enemies will hit you immediately, so you may not be able to unleash the full power.


CRIT damage is a priority for this build because it enhances the effect of your loaded shots. The three star weapon we included in the support build can be your starting weapon because of the status bonuses.

Unlike their cryo support construct, the basic DPS of the cryo construct allows the player to use a smith. Prototype Crescent increases attack damage and provides an additional movement speed bonus for shots aimed at a weak point. That’s certainly a good thing, especially against destructive opponents. The Blackcliff rainbow is also a viable option thanks to the CRIT punch.

As for the five-star weapon, stand behind the Amos bow, as its passive effect further increases the damage of your loaded shot.


Sets of artifacts that enhance your attack, such as 2 pieces of Braveheart and 2 pieces of Sojourner Resolution can be your starting building to enhance the effect of your loaded shots. However, as you progress through the game, it is important to move on to the next step.

The Gladiator final and the two-part Blizzard Strayer final make every loaded move a nightmare for your opponents. The attack and cryogenic damage bonus can blast enemies out of the sky in an instant.

An alternative would be a 4 man dismounted team, as that increases your shooting load by 35%. Thanks to the +80 elemental mastery effect of the two-part game, it’s also perfect to combine with your other characters.

As with the cryogenic support structure, we focus on artifacts that increase your ATK% and cryogenic damage. The only major difference is that your final artifact should only focus on CRIT damage, since CRIT speed is useless for this build.


There are similarities with the cryogenic system, but there are also notable differences.

Since Ganyu is currently your main DPS, you need to surround her with characters who can protect her and provide her with basic synergies. This makes Barbara, Sinky, Mona and Xinyang ideal people for Ganyu because they can provide many benefits. As with cryogenic constructs, it is better for Ganyu to have Sucrose and Venti, as they can gather groups of enemies in an area that allows them to fire arrows from a distance. The availability of Xiangling, Fischl and Lisa can be used as an option to support the DPS.

Geographic characters are recommended because they provide defensive effects to protect Ganyu while she makes her charged attacks. Noel has a healing effect that is useful in make-or-die situations. Zhongli’s overloaded shields can absorb a lot of damage, leaving some room for charged fire. You can also use his Geo style to give Ganyu a height advantage, and the same goes for the Albedo elemental skill. Ningguan cancels the effect of ranged attacks.


It is best to start with Ganyu’s basic skill, followed by a range of skills from other party members. Once that happens, Ganyu has to keep his distance and fire off loaded shots. Repeat the operation once their elemental ability is reset and their enemies are nearby. It is best to protect it after you have fired loaded shots to avoid damaging it. If you have an Albedo or a Zhongli, you should take advantage of the high altitude.

These constructs allow you to unlock the inner workings of the half-man’s coconut and half-cylinder. The story of his childhood will make you laugh, but once you discover his final form, you’ll have a surprised Pikachu face.

Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter, Avalanche Software.



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